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2012 D-DAY: World's Largest Paintball Game

2012 D-DAY: World's Largest Paintball Game

RAP4 invites you to explore our pro-shop at Oklahoma D-Day this June 11-17, where you'll be able to get your hands on the fearsome RAP4 M60 Field Machinegun, the RAP4 M240 Field Machinegun, the RAP4 M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, and even the RAP4 M82 Sniper Rifle! These industry-leading products are not for your average walk-on game...they are 1:1 recreations of the infamous field machine guns and anti-armor rifle that make US forces unbeatable in virtually every combat theatre.

Want to see what it's like to hold an M82? To line up the sights on a belt-fed M60? To heft the impressive M82 anti-armor rifle? You'll have to come into our amazing showroom at OK D-Day. Get your team behind the purchase of one, and you can even take it straight out the doors and onto the field for immediate use in the world-renowned Oklahoma D-Day!

We're also debuting the all-new RAP4 D-Mag at our OK D-Day store. With variable capacity to suit your changing mission dynamics, these magazines feature two independent spring-tension columns of paint and a unique feeding system that only applies spring tension once the magazine is inserted...meaning that your paint won't deform under spring tension during the hot, humid hours of OK D-Day. Best of all: these magazines are a fraction of the price of standard mag-fed marker magazines, meaning that you can easily afford to carry a lot more RAP4 D-Mags into the action!

Mil-sim and scenario players are also invited to check out our full line of accessories for virtually ever scenario marker, from dozens of shoulder stock options for T68, Tippmann, BT, and US Army markers, to hundreds of different RIS-mounted accessories for every marker! Our showroom is among the largest at D-Day, and features an absolutely unbeatable selection of the sport's hottest tactical gear.

Want to see how easy it is to convert your Tippmann, BT, or US Army marker into a mag-fed marker that accepts those all-new D-Mags? We'll have our Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits available for sale, and expert technicians who can show you how to make the switch. Want to convert your CQB marker into the ultimate sniper platform? We'll show you dozens of configurations, and help you select the on-hand accessories to make your dream come to life.

And when you need to slip away into a place where paint is plentiful and you never run out of opponents to mow down, just wrap your hands around the RAP4 M60, RAP4 M240, or RAP4 M249, and feel the unbridled power.

RAP4- As Real as it Gets!