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2012 Mag Fed Only Paintball Game Events

2012 Mag Fed Only Paintball Game Events

RAP4 is proud to up the ante for "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour," the July 27-28 event near Hubbard Ohio that promises to be this summer's hottest scenario game!

Now, when you preregister for this magazine-fed-marker-only scenario, host field Battlefront Paintball will issue you with two pull-pin-type exploding paint grenades...to send a bang downrange along with a load of paint! Say goodbye to the water-balloon-like paint grenades you've used before...and keep it as real as it gets when you need to clear a room or trench with a little indirect fire.

There will be a lot of rooms and dug-out positions to clear at "Operation: End War - The Eleventh Hour" this July 27th-28th! Battlefront Paintball is located on the site of a former gunpowder manufacturing plant that blew up nearly sixty years ago, was left to seed, and then brought back to life as a post-apocalyptic battlefield complete with partially destroyed buildings, urbanized terrain, wooded terrain, foxholes and sandbags...the works. You'll need your grenades, and you'll need your magazine-fed marker - no hoppers are allowed at this ultra-realistic game!

"Operation: End War" thrilled players in Southern California last year, and now it's time to take this dramatic event farther afield as we produce "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour" at Battlefront Paintball, near Hubbard, Ohio. Their amazing field is the perfect place for Midwest players to meet up and discover what the buzz is all about with this mag-fed-only tactical game!

The only markers allowed in "Operation: End War" are those fed by magazines. This includes paint pistols and full-sized markers, so if your backup T68 Pistol or other paint pistol is magazine-fed, you're in business! If your primary marker takes detachable, interchangeable magazines like the RAP4 T68 series and Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits, bring it along! But if you need a hopper to get paint into your Tippmann...


...we've got a special deal for you, actually. All players who want to discover mag-fed paintball by renting an industry-leading marker are welcome to reserve a rental package when you preregister for this event! Then we'll ship an MKV Mag-Fed Marker, three magazines, mag pouches, tactical belt, and HPA tank to the field to be there waiting for you, so that you can play in "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour!" Then once you fall in love with the MKV, you can credit your rental package price towards the purchase of your marker! One lucky player will win an MKV Mag-Fed Marker after the game, other players will win a T68 pistol, tactical body armor, and more great RAP4 prizes!

This exciting gear package, the top-notch field, the exploding paint grenades...it's all part of making "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour" the best scenario game you'll play all year! Register now, before the last spots fill up, by visiting:


More information: http://www.operationendwar.com

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