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468 Elite Magazine Fed Paintball Gun With Noveske Handguard

468 Elite Magazine Fed Paintball Gun With Noveske Handguard

RAP4 is proud to introduce our 468 Elite Magazine Fed Paintball Gun, a truly combat-ready paintball gun that will stand out for its service, accuracy, handling...and its hot design. We've included some industry-leading upgrades taken straight from duty-issue carbines, and used them to build this magazine-fed paintball gun from a new 468 into a factory-custom model you have to shoot for yourself.

To create the 468 Elite, we start with a mag-fed 468 upper and lower receiver which we set up to receive either standard 20rd magazines, or DMags - your choice. Then we include a Noveske Free Floating 7.25 Inch Handguard that is ready to accepet virtually any RIS-mount accessory. It aligns perfectly with the top rail on the receiver-length RIS rail atop the 468, giving you the perfect rail system for the included Magpul MBUS Front and Rear Flip Up Sights. Push them down and out of the way when you want to mount optics, then flip them up when it's time for the metallic sights...just like real operators use on their M4s.

We also include a Magpul AFG2 Angled Fore Grip, a Magpul M16 Grip, and a collapsible military-style multi-position stock that conceals an onboard (and included) 13ci 3000psi air tank!

As a 468, this model will field strip in a matter of seconds by removing the receiver pins. Then you can swap on a different, mission-adapted upper receiver...or lower receiver - with a different air source, a magazine well that accepts a different type of magazine (DMag or standard magazines), etc. You have the options.

You have the power.

...when you have the hot new 468 Noveske Elite Magazine Fed Paintball Gun!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!
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