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RAP4 is proud to present the 468 as the industry's toughest marker...and to prove it, we've released a series of videos detailing our 468 torture tests. We know the 468 is tough enough to withstand years of intense use, but we want to prove it to the world. That's why we've tested it thoroughly in real-world situations, and invented these torture tests to test the 468's outer limits.

How would it survive being thrown from a moving vehicle...and then run over? Lead designer Omar Macy famously straddled a 468 across two blocks and stood on it, without any part failing in any way. But we wanted to see if the 468 could withstand a little automotive mayhem.

Not only did the marker survive the initial fall, but it survived being run over by multiple tires at normal driving speed. To make sure the internals were fine, and the 468 would be ready to dominate your foes immediately after that kind of abuse, he loaded it with a full magazine and pulled the trigger...

...eleven times, shooting eleven paintballs just as accurately as ever. Watch his muzzle in the video - no splooge, just a little burst of road dust from the barrel and air from the onboard 13ci HPA tank concealed in the multi-position collapsible stock.

We build the 468 tough enough to survive our torture tests because we want you to have absolute confidence in your marker every time you line up on an opponent; every time you send a ball downrange; every time you put your game on the line to make that perfect shot.

And we build the 468 to exactly reproduce the look, feel, controls, and ergonomics of the M4/M16 family of battle rifles, so that your playing experience is truly as real as it gets. Our police and military customers train with our markers because they exactly replicate the experience of training with their combat arms, enabling them to hone the practical and tactical skills in training that will keep them alive in the action. In other words, they choose our 468 so that they can train like they're going to fight!

Now you can play with this same gear...and see exactly why they trust the durability, accuracy, and utter reliability of RAP4's 468. 468 [Made in USA]

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!