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A Paintball Player's Dream...Now Recognized by Law Enforcement!

A Paintball Player's Dream...Now Recognized by Law Enforcement!

The paintball industry is buzzing about the concept of dual-source paintball feeding, which is a reality in the T68 SplitFire family of markers! This RAP4 innovation allows players to carry two different types of paintballs onboard simultaneously, and effortlessly switch back and forth between them to satisfy mission and role playing requirements.

More than just keeping eighteen backup shots handy in the detachable magazine (plenty of self-defense cover fire while you're reloading the hopper), the T68 SplitFire lets you carry "sniper," "demo," or other mission paint readily accessible...onboard. Use standard event paint to get in and out of position, and then use the restricted color to "blow up" their bunker, neutralize their
commander, or fulfill whatever other special role you're assigned.

This technology is patent-pending, and production models are entering service as fast as they arrive in showrooms. They even earned the praise of the law enforcement community, which uses the T68 SplitFire in tactical training and, with restricted law-enforcement-only projectiles, in high-stakes encounters. They trust the T68 SplitFire when more than the game is on the line...

Which helped the design earn this year's "Law Enforcement Technology 2009 Innovation Award."

You can set the pace at your field this weekend with a T68 SplitFire by visiting www.rap4usa.com and choosing which model in the expanding SplitFire family best suits your needs. From CQB versions to full-length models, with an attached video camera or a host of other RAP4 accessories, your T68 SplitFire is ready to prove that all the buzz is true.