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East Coast - Operation End War: The 11th Hour

East Coast - Operation End War: The 11th Hour

RAP4 and .68 Caliber Productions are proud to announce the hottest mag-fed game of the summer: "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour," coming to Battlefront Paintball near Hubbard, Ohio, July 27-28. This will be the most realistic scenario you'll play all year...and we're providing the gear to also make it the best scenario you'll play all year.

Our first "Operation: End War" games were such successes, that we're pouring resources into making this year's event the biggest and best yet...and we're holding it in Ohio, so Midwest players can experience the mag-fed revolution sweeping the country! Battlefront Paintball will host the event on their world-class facility, where the field's history lends itself very well to the scenario...

Hubbard, Ohio, once had a historic gunpowder manufacturing plant. In 1954, it blew up and was abandoned to the elements...until Battlefront Paintball acquired the site and transformed the partially destroyed facility and encroaching woods into a post-apocalyptic paintball paradise! Jump through windows, dodge through holes in the walls, take cover behind sandbags and logs or in strategically located pits...and keep your trigger finger nimble as you blast your way around this one-of-a-kind field in pursuit of mission points and valuable props!

What else makes this game special? Every "Operation: End War" game is mag-fed only...meaning that the marker you carry, and those you're up against, will be as real as it gets - they look real, they handle just like real duty arms, they reload with detachable spring-powered magazines just like the real deal, and they have realistic capacity. Hoppers aren't allowed in "Operation: End War," meaning that every player is on even ground with paint capacity. This means that your true skills are tested, and that they're tested under the most realistic conditions possible.

Even the sim grenades explode with a realistic bang - no water-balloon-type contraptions here!

RAP4 is providing the rental markers for this event, so players who don't already own a mag-fed marker can get in on the action. For a reasonable rental package fee - which is redeemable after the event as a credit towards purchasing your mag-fed marker - you'll be issued an MKV mag-fed marker, three magazines, a tactical belt with magazine pouches, and an HPA air tank. Bring your own goggles, or you can rent them at the field. Battlefront Paintball is even throwing in two pull-pin, exploding grenades for each preregistered player.

Preregistration includes HPA, camping Friday through Sunday, and a special "SWAT for Dummies" course put on by local SWAT team members on Friday night! "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour" will take all day Saturday, and then on Sunday, the field welcomes you back for an open-play day...so bring your regular gear for Sunday, or keep hammering opponents with your mag-fed marker!

But hurry, preregistration is limited and only those who preregister will be guaranteed MKV rental markers for the game. March on over to http://www.battlefrontpaintball.com/Calendar/Prereg/200/ to register now!

More information visit: www.operationendwar.com

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!