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Inside RAP4 R&D: The Making Of RAP 468

Inside RAP4 R&D: The Making Of RAP 468

RAP4 is proud to drive the paintball industry with revolutionary designs, serve the military and police communities with training equipment that replicates their duty issue gear, and help you have the most realistic fun possible at your scenario games. Our most successful products start in our Research & Development Lab, where Omar and company oversee a high-tech facility that is steeped in cutting edge design from the modern battlefield.

Want a look inside part of our R&D department? We have some great videos of Omar showing off our technology, and the technology that inspires it: an armory of both classic and modern military arms from around the world. Check them out here:

Video 1

Inside RAP4 R&D: The Making Of RAP 468 Part.1

Video 2

Inside RAP4 R&D: The Making Of RAP 468 Part.2

Video 3

Inside RAP4 R&D: The Making Of RAP 468 Part.3

Video 4

RAP4 468 In Action

Video 5

Red General JP's [468] Field Test

Why did we engineer the 468 to disassemble with two takedown pins?
Because that's how duty-issue M4 and M16 rifles disassemble. How'd we know? Because we use real battle rifles as our inspiration for both design and function, and we measure real components to figure out how to make our compressed air powered paintball guns as stunningly real as it gets.

"I haven't found my dream marker yet," Omar says. "So I'm going to have to build it." That's his inspiration every day he sits down to turn dreams and concepts into CAD drawings, blueprints, and work orders. It's a tall order, as he says that he envisions a vast array of paintball guns that evoke the excitement, form, and function of diverse arms from around the world--to truly represent, with compressed air powered markers, the diversity of arms in service.
Somewhere in that range is his perfect paintball gun...and yours, too.

RAP4 is on a quest to bring that marker to life. We're already making dreams come true with our focus on extremely realistic, magazine-fed markers. Our 468 represents the very latest in mil-sim design...and our D-Mags are being assembled right now ahead of their wide release.

Watch those videos, and see how Omar handles the G3, the M1 Carbine, the 870 shotgun, the 1911 pistol... Somewhere in there lies his next inspiration.

The inspiration for our next breakthrough paintball technology is in the arms carried by soldiers right now; the state of the art in mag-fed paintball gear is ready to ship to you today. And the glee in Omar's voice tells you that big things are coming from the mil-sim� leader: RAP4.

RAP4--As Real as it Gets!