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Land Warrior II Airsoft

Land Warrior II Airsoft

RAP4 is proud to introduce the Land Warrior II digital video recorder - your best solution for capturing game footage, intelligence, and showing the world why you love airsoft.

Designed from the circuit boards up as a combat camera, the Land Warrior II is a rugged, weather-resistant, shock-resistant recorder designed to serve you on the battlefield. The housing resists dust and moisture, four different mounting
solutions come in the box, and the included rechargeable batteries will record for three continuous hours before needing to be rotated onto the included recharger.

The Land Warrior II records high resolution mpeg4 video at 30 frames per second, at 720x480 resolution. It takes still .jpg photos as well, or you can stop the video and scroll a frame at a time to watch your BBs arc right in on your
target. Prove you blew the base; prove you took the shot; show the world how you won the game. They'll believe it when they see your high-res video and hear the crystal-clear audio.

For practical reconnaissance, mount the Land Warrior II to your RIS rails and scout their base. Then withdraw to the friendly side of the field, and show your squad exactly what they're up against. Satisfy intelligence gathering missions
with the Land Warrior II...or just get the info back to your commander so your team can adapt and overcome to battlefield conditions as they develop. The control buttons are intuitive, and mounted so you can control the camera without
taking your eyes off the game.

The Land Warrior II has a 1.5" TFT screen for instant playback, and even has a built in speaker to bring the audio to life as well, right there on the recorder. When you have a bigger screen at your disposal, use the included video-out
cable to attach directly to a TV, or the USB cable to hook right into a computer. Play or download the files; edit them into exactly what you want to show the world...then share them online.

Each Land Warrior II ships with airsoft-ready mounting solutions, so you can mount the recorder directly to your helmet, RIS rails, barrel, handlebars of your bicycle or ATV...or use the recorder handheld. This versatility empowers you
to use the Land Warrior II in the most convenient manner for exactly the footage you want, in the mission you need to complete.

Don't just tell stories...play the footage you captured at the peak of battle, with the RAP4 Land Warrior II. RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!