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Less-Lethal SmartRounds and Launchers

RAP4 "RAP" is proud to announce our dynamic partnership with SmartRounds Technology "SRT" to bring law enforcement, security, and military operators a wide range of new 685i less-lethal projectiles, ready to be launched from the SR-468, the industry's newest compressed-air-powered launcher. The SmartRounds 685i projectiles and SR-468 launcher - both are proudly made in U.S.A. will offer a complete less-lethal launcher and force-on-force training solution.

SmartRounds Technology is a company dedicated to innovative research in less- lethal munitions, and shortly will release their revolutionary SmartRounds 685i projectiles, the world's first less-lethal smart bullets. These projectiles include a micro-sensor that arms the projectile when it is fired, then activates it in milliseconds when the projectile impacts its target. The payloads vary between specific 685i projectiles, and include dynamic solutions to incapacitating aggressors without the danger and liability of using lethal firearm ammunition.

The payload used in the 685i ShockRound version uses liquefied compressed gas, released rapidly at the very moment of impact, to create a shockwave that knocks out an assailant's senses and takes them immediately out of the fight. These rounds, and others, are in the final stages of testing and will be coming soon to the market.

RAP4 is the recognized leader in the innovation of compressed-air-powered arms that replicates the ergonomics, controls, and point of aim of duty-issue M4 carbines. The new RAP4 SR-468 is a magazine-fed, .68 caliber, variable velocity, semi-automatic arm designed to deploy the 685i. The dynamic partnership with SRT is designed to pair this industry-leading arm with the revolutionary SmartRounds 685i projectiles to create the ultimate less-lethal solution for law enforcement, security personnel, and military operators.

SmartRounds projectiles are encapsulated in an aerodynamically designed, bullet-shaped projectile with a biodegradable shell. Spin-stabilized, they achieve range and accuracy far superior to spherical less-lethal munitions. They fit perfectly into the d-shaped Dmag magazines designed for the SR-468, enabling users to make fast reloads or switch easily between different projectiles.

For force-on-force training with the same ergonomics, controls, and natural point of aim as duty-issue M4-pattern firearms, SRT and RAP offer the dynamic combination of SmartRounds training rounds and the SR-468 launcher. This same launcher can shoot 685i rounds interchangeably with our d-shaped 680 inert marking rounds, enabling agencies to train in less-lethal weapon use and engage in force-on-force training with their same SR-468 launcher and inexpensive SmartRounds 680 training rounds.

The SR-468 launcher and 685i projectiles are due out in April, so keep watching the headlines for breaking news about this exciting new technology, and how Real Action Paintball and SmartRounds Technology are working to bring it to police departments, security companies, and military units around the world.

For more information on both the SR-468 launcher and 685i smart projectiles visit www.rap4usa.com and www.smartrounds.com.

SR-468 launcher and 685i are available for purchase in Spring 2013