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Make Your A5 into a UMP - In Seconds!

Make Your A5 into a UMP - In Seconds!

RAP4 is proud to present the UMP Kit for the Tippmann A5 marker. In just a few minutes you can update your A5 to resemble the very latest in submachine guns used by militaries and special police units around the
world...and gain some critical functionality in the process.

The H&K UMP line of military and police arms is their refined, streamlined sequel to the MP5 series. Now in use all over, and popular in the latest video games and movies, the UMP arms are changing expectations for submachine ergonomics,
performance, and firepower.

And now you can turn your A5 into a UMP, with an all-metal body shroud, skeleton stock, and gas-through UMP magazine. The body shroud boasts four mil-spec tactical rails, perfect for attaching any accessory with a standard military-style
mount. Forward of the marker's body, the handguard has one rail on each side, and a third below - perfect for a laser, a flashlight, and a tactical handle.

The top accessory rail obscures the existing sight line, which is fine - a channel milled the length of the rail serves as a metallic sight, but its true beauty lies in how it raises the sight line for optical sights up just high enough
that you can actually use them when you put your goggled face down upon the skeletonized stock.

The UMP Kit's stock is lightweight, tubular - just like the real thing - and provides the stability you need for making first shots count. With the marker firm against your shoulder, it becomes an extension of your body...an extension
that joins your A5 by replacing the backblock to provide the ultimate in stability.

The gas-through UMP magazine completes the transformation, and gives your weak hand somewhere to rest as you bring your newly redesigned UMP-A5 up to bear. Now you're ready for the most cutting edge scenarios. Playing the hero never
looked so good.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!