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MKP ENIGMA Magazine Fed Paintball Marker

MKP ENIGMA Magazine Fed Paintball Marker

RAP4 is proud to introduce the new streamlined, magazine-fed and Tippmann X7 Phenom -based marker that is ready for CQB right out of the box. We started with an electro/mechanical Tippmann X7 Phenom, which gives you electronic firing modes backed up by battery-free mechanical action at the flip of a switch, and installed its critical parts into a Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Body.

This created a magazine-fed marker with the reliability and ease of reloading you can only get with using spring-powered high capacity magazines. Getting rid of the hopper also means an obstruction-free sight plane, so you can maintain awareness throughout your full field of vision!

To maximize your accuracy potential from this FlexValve marker, we added a Retractable Air Through Stock that collapses nearly flush with the rear of the receiver when you need a compact marker for cornering and CQB; it easily extends to provide a full-length stock for maximum stability while you line up shots on distant targets - brace the marker against your shoulder, and use the included sights to track running players as you line up for the perfect one shot elimination!

The stock interfaces with a RAP4 Flexi Air Kit that provides a discreet attachment point for a remote line, meaning that the MKP Enigma is free of steel hoses, ASA attachment points, and other unrealistic fixtures...creating the most authentic, realistic equipment possible.

With a full-receiver-length top RIS rail and an auxiliary RIS rail under the handguard, you have plenty of attachment points for accessories and electronic sights. The natural point of aim is true, and the balance makes the MKP Enigma respond quickly, precisely, and responsively, as you play hard in close quarters and line up for long shots across open ground.

With the Retractable Air Through Stock and the Tippmann X7 Phenom's reliability, the RIS rails and Tacamo Mag-Fed upgrade, the MKP Enigma is ready to meet any challenge...and eliminate any foe, in any environment.