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MKP Scavenger Paintball Gun

MKP Scavenger Paintball Gun

RAP4 is proud to introduce the MKP Scavenger. The MKP Scavenger is a battle-ready, magazine-fed marker designed to give you complete control of the field. We build each MKP Scavenger from a Tippmann X7 Phenom--the high-end electric/mechanical marker that provides the internal parts and electronic/mechanical controls that make the MKP Scavenger truly formidable. Then we upgrade the marker's body with the MKP mag-fed conversion kit, meaning that you get those Tippmann parts...

...in the industry's leading magazine-fed aftermarket body!

The authentic military styling, detachable magazine, skeletonized F.I.R. Handguard that is covered with RIS rails, collapsible stock over an air-through-stock adapter, and 14" Raptor rifled barrel make this marker truly as real as it gets...while that barrel and its Crossbow Muzzle Break ensure your paint arrives on target every time.

To make sure you can dominate on humid summer afternoons or even in the rain, the MKP Scavenger includes our extraordinary Lok-Bolt Antichop System--a purely mechanical system that prevents the bolt from closing on the chamber unless a paintball is fully seated and ready to go. This eliminates chopping no matter your cyclic rate, ensuring that even in full auto your MKP Scavenger doesn't chop paint...and the Lok-Bolt Antichop System never requires batteries!

You'll need to track your targets across the field, and find them in the dark...so we outfit the MKP Scavenger with the Holotech Sight that replicates the look, feel, and combat utility of high-end military sights in use in combat right now! We also include a Tactical RIS N9000 Flashlight with pressure switches, which is an integrated flashlight/tactical foregrip unit that will light up the night!

Whether you take single shots at long range, or need to rip through a magazine in full-auto, the MKP Scavenger is ready to hunt the field and destroy your opposition.