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MOLLE Vests for Airsoft - Mil-Spec Quality, Real-World Prices!

MOLLE Vests for Airsoft - Mil-Spec Quality, Real-World Prices!

RAP4 is proud to supply you with military-grade equipment at airsoft-friendly prices. What's that mean? It means you get brand new, mil-spec MOLLE gear in exactly the pattern you want at prices every player can afford!

Check out the RAP4 MOLLE vest - built to military specifications so it can interface with any MOLLE pouches, holsters, or other gear. It's made of ballistic nylon with reinforced seams, and is ready to take on any battlefield...and it
costs only $34.95.

Build your vest into exactly the load-bearing tool it was envisioned by military engineers to become: an ergonomic way of carrying magazines, radios, water, maps, tools, grenades, and everything else...right where you want it. As your
mission changes, MOLLE gear lets you change your equipment and the configuration of your vest - in moments.

RAP4 honors that versatility by offering magazine pouches sized right for rifle magazines like the M4/M16 and AK magazines, as well as mag pouches for MP5 and other carbine magazines. RAP4 offers double and triple mag pouches that go
anywhere - absolutely anywhere you want them - on your MOLLE vest, and can be moved to another position (or replaced with other gear as your mission evolves) in moments.

Check out the radio pouches, map pouches, tool pouches, and more. There are large and small utility pouches for parts, spare battery packs, snacks... You can even hijack some technology from paintballers - those �pod pouches� fit two
bottles of water perfectly, so you can stay hydrated without worrying about bursting a large water reservoir.

RAP4 goes the extra mile with MOLLE gear. The vests, pouches, holsters, and just about every other MOLLE soft good, are available in your choice of 21 different color schemes. They have every US military pattern, patterns for most
foreign militaries, and solid colors like black and blaze orange (for referees and medics). No more mixing camo into an unsightly mess...

RAP4 enables you to match your environment, match your gear, and match your mission requirements - effortlessly...and for an unbeatable price.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!