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VIDEO: NEW Gen4 Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive

VIDEO: NEW Gen4 Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive

RAP4 is proud to announce the Gen4 Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive! This revolutionary force-feed, high-capacity loader holds more than 250 paintballs, keeps up with high cyclic rates, takes 9v batteries for superior performance, and even features a built-in recharging station!

When you need to put a lot of paint downrange fast, you need the reliability of a force-feed loader...but you don't want to just put an ugly paintball hopper on your tricked-out mil-sim marker. That's why the RAP4 engineers hit the laboratory and developed the Nautilus Drive, and then put it inside a RAP4 Box Magazine patterned off of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon's belt-fed polymer ammunition box. The result is a realistic bulk loader that mimics the M249's ammunition box and contains a motor that loads a constant stream of paint into your chamber as you manically pull the trigger.

RAP4 has extensively field tested the Box Magazine, worked with top players and amateurs alike to tune and refine the design, and is proud to introduce you now to the Fourth Generation of this technology: the RAP4 Gen4 Box Magazine.

The Gen4 Box Magazine takes 9volt batteries for more power, and longer life, than many force-feed loaders. Use one battery when that's all you have left, or insert two and extend your operating time...the Box Magazine works either way. Use the onboard recharging station to charge your batteries overnight, and in the morning, be on your way. Be sure to pack spares of RAP4's own 9volt rechargeable batteries, which pack 200mAh of life into each battery - more battery life than in many common rechargeable batteries, because RAP4 wants you to dominate your game all weekend long.

Reload the Gen4 Box Magazine from either side with the Dual Side Feeding Door. Set the Nautilus Drive to the best choice between three speed settings for fine control over your cyclic rate. Use the level window to instantly tell how much paint is left in the loader...but only the shooter can see the window, so opponents can't tell when you're running low. Easily change batteries when it's time to replace them...and always have a ball seated securely in the chamber when you pull the trigger.

The Gen4 Box Magazine requires a Magazine Fed Conversion Kit to interface with your marker. Users of the Gen7 T68 mag-fed markers are good to go - just follow the simple instructions for inserting the Gen4 Box Magazine to your marker! Tippmann, BT, and US Army marker owners are in luck - with the exclusive Tacamo Magazine Fed Conversion Kit, you can use the internals from your favorite marker to quickly and easily build a mag-fed marker from the replacement body panels. Then, attach the Gen4 Box Magazine, and you'll have a Tippmann that shoots 250 paintballs without reloading, or pausing, or rate of fire drop off! Plus, you won't have that sight-obscuring, ugly hopper in the way...you'll have the ergonomic, mil-styled Gen4 Box Magazine turning heads all weekend long!

With the Gen4 Box Magazine, the awesome power of force-feed technology and ultra high capacity is available to mil-sim players!

MCS Gen2 Box Magazines are now available!
Link https://mcsus.com/collections/mcs-box-magazine


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