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NEW RAP4 Portable DVR

NEW RAP4 Portable DVR

RAP4 is proud to introduce the RAP4 Portable DVR. This revolutionary video camera captures 30 frames per second video day or night, and uses onboard infrared illuminators to see in the dark! These compact, powerful video cameras are perfect for police officers and trainers, as well as employers and those who want a little extra security for their car and home.

Police officers rely on dashboard and grill-mounted cameras to capture video and audio of their traffic stops, and now those personnel have a fantastic new way to create video records for court: the RAP4 Portable DVR that allows you to record events even in the dead of night with the headlights off. The eight onboard infrared illuminators shine light that is invisible to the human eye, so that no one knows there is a camera filming everything...and so that no light is created which might compromise the officer or make their job more difficult.

For private employers, this camera captures exactly what the driver sees - to prove your employee's innocence should someone hit them on the road, or to provide evidence against employees who abuse company equipment. With full audio, the RAP4 DVR captures incidents and events exactly as they happen.

The RAP4 Portable DVR works well at home, where you can use it to display real-time video of your front door so you know who's knocking at any hour...and without shining any visible light to keep you awake at night or tip off criminals that there is a camera capturing everything they do. In the car, the RAP4 Portable DVR helps prove your innocence should you have an accident, and capture the license plate numbers of hit-and-run offenders.

For your convenience, the RAP4 Portable DVR records its high-resolution video in .avi format that is readable by every computer and many televisions, and stores those files on easily interchangeable SD memory cards. For overnight or multi-day continuous recording, you can use SD or MMC memory cards up to 32gb in size - treat them like mini video tapes, or easily transfer your video files to your hard drive and bulk data storage devices.

With the RAP4 Portable DVR, you're in control of the situation, and the video you make of it - be it for entertainment or evidence, home or work.

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