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NEW RAP4 Smart Parts Paintball Marker Barrels and Accessories

NEW RAP4 Smart Parts Paintball Marker Barrels and Accessories

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the NEW RAP4 Smart Parts paintball marker barrels and accessories for scenario and woods ball. The new accessories enable Smart Parts paintball markers to attach all types of tactical accessories, such as scopes, sights, rails, and even grenade launchers!

Imagine the electronic rate of fire from your SP1...guided by our sights and lasers, and backed up by a paint grenade launcher!

The RAP4 Smart Parts paintball marker barrels are rifled for scenario and woods ball accuracy...and the tips are threaded to offer you even more configurations and options. Our Smart Parts barrels are quality barrels that afford supreme performance on the field!

The new Smart Parts Recon Barrels are designed on the outside for looks and engineered on the inside to greatly improve accuracy and reliability. This is how the rifling works inside of our Smart Parts-threaded barrels: the inside (the bore) consists of many fine, uniform grooves that extend for the full length of the barrel. These grooves are separated by lands, which look like 10 sets of tiny train tracks leading to the muzzle. The purpose of the land and groove pattern is to "glide and guide" the paintball down the bore, as well as provide a "spin-free projection" to stabilize the paintball in flight. The Tactical Barrel will not just make your marker look and feel better, but will also enhance your accuracy as well!

RAP4 Smart Parts paintball marker accessories let you turn your markers into realistic entry team, support team, or sniper markers for role play and tactical flexibility. You can even turn your marker into a compact submachine gun for close quarter combat and fast action plays!

With RAP4, you have endless options to configure your marker to best suit your style of play. Enhance your marker's accuracy with the latest M4 carbine kit loaded with hand guard, front sight, butt stock and multiple picatinny rail attachment options. Enhance your aesthetics with the Gemtech or Noveske "silencers." Select the barrel length you need, for the look and balance you want.

Build your marker into a jaw-dropping, game-winning, tactical phenomenon with RAP4.