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NEW T68 SplitFire Dual Feed Paintball Gun

NEW T68 SplitFire Dual Feed Paintball Gun

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the new T68 SplitFire Dual Feed Paintball Marker. The T68 SplitFire features a dual-source ammunition feeding system, capable of providing two different types of .68 caliber ammunition at the turn of a dial. The T68 SplitFire can carry two types of ammunition simultaneously, and allows the operator to select the most effective projectiles for the situation - then change back as needed, at the turn of a dial. When the situation changes, so can your ammunition. Immediately.

The T68 SplitFire has a removable carry handle with standard iron sights that are adjustable for elevation and windage. With the carry handle removed, the T68 SplitFire can take any standard scope, sight, or mount on the flattop rail. They have endless configurations, and are fully compatible with mil-spec attachments. The T68 SplitFire has an authentic charging handle just like a real assault rifle, making it ideal for cross-training...and deployment by personnel already familiar with M4 carbine variants.

Like the entire T68 line, the SplitFire has the look, ergonomics, and reliability you need for paintball - with attributes that extend its role beyond the field.

The T68 SplitFire is designed to facilitate, and withstand, combat training. It is designed to take punishment and provide ease of maintenance. Military and law enforcement units can use the T68 SplitFire for tactical training in facilities where firearms are not suitable. With water-filled Non-Lethal Clear Training projectiles, the SplitFire allows personnel to train in "borrowed" buildings, leaving no mess behind and enabling personnel to train in offices, schools, factories, and other places off-limits to marking or metallic projectiles.

With its replication of M4 dimensions and balance, the T68 SplitFire is perfect for room clearing and entry training, teaching CQB marksmanship, and instilling firearm safety. The ergonomics and controls are nearly identical to M4 carbines, giving officers a true-to-life feel as if they were training with their duty gear.

With the T68 SplitFire the operator can quickly select the appropriate projectile by simply turning the selector wheel. This rotates the chamber to align a feeding hole with either the magazine, to access one type of ammunition, or the hopper, to access the other. When you need to mount large optics, illumination equipment, or other gear that gets in the hopper's way, remove the hopper, and you have eighteen magazine-fed rounds at the ready. Rather than carrying a sidearm for backup, keep the magazine loaded...and if you don't have time to grab a pod, twist the dial to fend them off with magazine-fed rounds.

This feature comes into its own for scenario players, where your role may require a special color of paint to complete your mission. When designated sniper paint is precious, you need a second, more utilitarian round to fight your way out of tight spots with multiple opponents. Load your hopper with regular paint for infiltration and exfiltration, load your magazine with the restricted-color mission paint...and when you get the general in your sights, twist the dial to switch from hopper to magazine feed. It's that easy to carry "anti-armor," "sniper," "special forces," or other restricted paint colors.

For military and law enforcement use, the dual-feed capability inherent in the SplitFire allows personnel to switch between kinetic rounds (rubber and ceramic balls) and chemical rounds, like the capsaicin balls used in crowd control. Disperse the hostile masses with capsaicin balls, then in a flash switch to rubber rounds should someone need a little more negative reinforcement. This capability expands the tactical functionality of the T68 SplitFire, and greatly improves operator safety.

The T68 SplitFire is built with an internal Flexi-Air system that puts your air tank inside the multi-position stock. You may also employ a full-size air tank as a stock, or use an air remote system with a tank in your vest. The T68 SplitFire is able to cycle through thousands of shots without requiring maintenance. When maintenance or repair is needed, the T68 SplitFire is so easy to work on that it can be completely torn down and rebuilt in less than 5 minutes...an armorer's dream.

To protect your investment, each T68 SplitFire comes with a 5 year warranty from defects in manufacturing or material - one of the longest product warranties you'll find in the industry.

Having two types of ammunition onboard simultaneously gives you far greater field efficacy. The combinations are nearly endless, and allow you two response levels at the turn of a dial.

When the mission changes, so can you - quickly, effectively, and tactically. That's the utility of the T68. That's the power of the SplitFire.