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NEW U.S. Military Gear (USMG) Spartan Plate Carrier 7

NEW U.S. Military Gear (USMG) Spartan Plate Carrier 7

RAP4 is proud to introduce the brand new US Military Gear (USMG) Spartan Plate Carrier 7 (SPC7) combat load bearing vest, a true breakthrough in combat-effective equipment designed by veterans for use on the modern battlefield...and the modern combat gaming fields. This revolutionary design is derived from the Spartan combat research project, and meets the mission-essential needs of combat personnel in harm's way right now.

The Spartan Plate Carrier 7 is designed to hold a mid-size Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) plate (sold separately) right over your torso, which protects combat personnel from shrapnel and small arms fire up to thirty caliber rounds. The genius of the design comes in its engineered simplicity and user-friendly features.

You can don or doff the SPC7 quickly by way of three combat-tough buckles: one on each side, and the third on the left shoulder so that you can take the vest off sideways rather than over your head...which means you can take it on and off without disturbing your goggles, helmet, or other headgear - a major benefit for combat gamers who need to quickly don or doff it without disturbing protective eyewear...especially if the SPC7 gets caught on a vehicle, fence, building, or hazard, and you need to free yourself immediately without needing to remove your protective gear.

By putting that third buckle on your left shoulder, it stays out of the way of your stock when right handed players shoulder their primary arm...and it is a minimal disturbance for shouldering a stock against your left shoulder when you need to come around the other side of a barrier.

The Spartan Plate Carrier 7 is outfitted with five rows of MOLLE loops on the front, and five more on the back, so you can easily attach magazine pouches, dump pouches, map pouches, or other MOLLE-interface gear...like a water bladder on the back and a holster on the front! The front features a generous hook-and-loop field for attaching unit identification, flags, name placards, or other patches; there is a sturdy, fold-flat (to prevent snagging) drag handle on the top rear of the back panel so your buddies can pull you out of a jam should you need assistance. The drag loop is tested to over 500 pounds, making it a crucial safety feature for those who wear their vests into harm's way or around natural hazards from which they may need to be pulled.

When our veterans participated in the design process for the Spartan Plate Carrier 7, they insisted on keeping it extremely light, maintaining a full range of motion so users can remain combat effective and meet the physical demands of their environment, and using only proven materials like fluid-resistant Cordura and battle-tough polymer. The result is an armor-carrying tactical vest that meets mission requirements, and is available to serve combat gamers as well in paintball, airsoft, and force-on-force training. By providing RAP4 and USMG duty-issue gear to both the military and recreational gaming communities, RAP4 proves our commitment to keeping things as real as it gets!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!