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NEW Universal Goggles Fan System

NEW Universal Goggles Fan System

RAP4 is proud to introduce the Goggle Ventilation System Fan, an innovative product that will improve your performance while increasing your safety. You can't shoot what you can't see, and you can't avoid hazards when your goggles are fogged, so our engineers have been hard at work designing a diminutive fan system that will eliminate fogging from any goggle system!

Goggle fogging happens when air that is extra humid from your sweat and breath gets trapped between your face and the inside of your goggle's lens. When it condenses on the lens, it creates fog that you can't see through...and can't wipe away. There are many ways to lessen fog, but the only way to eliminate it is to circulate the air through that space - which is exactly what we've optimized the Goggle Ventilation System Fan to do!

The Goggle Ventilation System Fan is a universal accessory that can mount to virtually any goggle system, from our leading Hawkeye Goggles to those made by other popular manufacturers. The heart of the Goggle Ventilation System Fan is the fan itself, which is small enough to fit atop the vents at the top of your goggles without weighing you down or pressing against your forehead!

RAP4 incorporated some winning ideas into this fan system, including the use of a 9v battery that mounts to the headband with a hook-and-loop attachment. With the power of one 9v battery, the Goggle Ventilation System Fan can circulate the air inside your goggles for hours on end. We've also engineered it to be extraordinarily quiet, giving it a huge advantage over competing models...and giving you a tremendous advantage on the field!

Want even more power? Sometimes the humidity is extra tough to deal with, like in summer; even in winter months, the extra-cold air makes fogging universal. That's when you need the additional power of the Goggle Ventilation System Fan Upgrade Kit, which includes a second fan and mounting hardware. That fan connects to the existing power supply with a simple fitting that will have you good-to-go with a dual-fan setup in under three minutes...without tools!

When you need to see clearly, to eliminate every last opponent while avoiding hazards and incoming paint, you absolutely need the RAP4 Goggle Ventilation System Fan. Make bigger moves, and stay safe, when you use this new technology to eliminate goggle fogging!

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