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NEW USMG MAC5 Assault Armor

NEW USMG MAC5 Assault Armor

RAP4 is proud to announce the MAC5 Assault Armor Package. The MAC5 Assault Armor Package is engineered to help you carry a full combat load of magazines along with a radio, emergency rations, and spare parts...while staying hydrated and looking sharp. The vest features seven rows of MOLLE attachment loops on the front, and eight rows on the back, and the included pouches are each covered in MOLLE attachment loops so even as you add pouches and accessories, you can still add more. That's the beauty of the MOLLE system, and the user-friendly engineering of the MAC5 Assault Armor Package.

You'll need to get into the action straightaway, so with each package we include two double magazine pouches that are designed to fit T68 magazines...but will also fit M4/M16 magazines for the police and military operators who use our tactical gear for both training and service. Install them wherever you want on the MAC5 Assault Armor Package, and hit the field.

We include two pistol magazine pouches as well, and as individual units, you can attach them wherever it makes sense on your vest. The combat lifesavers pouch serves as a fantastic dump pouch for empty magazines, or loose storage for more spares...or a place to keep emergency provisions or other supplies at the ready. The radio pouch secures a standard radio, cell phone, or similarly-sized gear. The vest package comes with a hydration system onboard, so you can carry several liters of water into action and stay hydrated all day.

Most realistic of all: the MAC5 Assault Armor Package is ready to accept medium-size armor plates for real-world operations, or simulated plates for mil-sim training and gaming...or neither, if you want to run light and stay flexible in a vest that is designed to serve tactical gamers and real-world operators alike!