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NEW Vented Integrated Training Helmet

NEW Vented Integrated Training Helmet

RAP4 is proud to announce the Emerson Future Assault Shell Technology (FAST) Vented, Integrated Training Helmet...which replicates the look, feel, and accessory-bearing utility of the latest battle helmets developed for the US Military. Our Emerson FAST Helmets are expressly designed as training aids for military operators, and to serve our combat gaming community with mil-sim gear built to authentic size, weight, and accessory compatibility standards...while saving you a considerable amount of money.

The Emerson FAST Helmet replicates the feel of the mil-spec FAST helmets through extraordinary attention to detail, from the OCC-DIAL adjustable headband to the accessory rail connector (ARC) interface built into the shell. The ARC allows users to mount a wide range of optical gear, armor, and other accessories to your Emerson FAST Helmet. Modern warfighters appreciate the FAST helmet's significant weight savings over previous technology, and the ability to mount night vision equipment directly to their helmets.

The modern four-point, completely adjustable chinstrap system allows supreme comfort and full articulation when you speak, while securing the FAST helmet to your head. "Magic Stick" hook and loop fields over each ear and on the back are ready to accept unit ID patches, infrared identification badges, morale patches, and the like, while the helmets themselves are available in colors that coordinate with a wide range of camouflage patterns...all details of which are carefully reproduce in the Emerson FAST Helmet. By using high-impact ABS plastic we are able to keep weight light while retaining strength that provides some protection from scrapes and paintballs, and affords the complete accessory-mounting versatility of the mil-spec helmets...but at a much lower price. While our Emerson FAST Helmets are not designed to offer the impact and ballistic protection of the mil-spec models, they do provide the exact look, feel, and tactical experience at significant cost and weight savings.

This makes the Emerson FAST Helmet ideal for use in tactical maneuvers and force-on-force training, where exact reproductions of duty gear are essential for training like personnel are going to fight...but the full ballistic and impact protection of the mil-spec FAST helmet are not required. Tactical gamers rejoice: Emerson FAST Helmets do provide protection against paintballs and airsoft BBs, further enhancing their utility for tactical gamers, and when used in conjunction with proper goggles, promote even safer game play.

Complete your mil-sim loadout with the Emerson FAST Helmet...and be sure to check our full line of tactical lights, illuminators, and accessories that will give you a real-world tactical edge in training and combat games alike!

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