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OEW6: David “Reaper” Justin VS Ian “Ironman” Tennant

OEW6: David “Reaper” Justin VS Ian “Ironman” Tennant

Modern Combat Sports is proud to announce the generals for Operation: End War 6, the MagFed super game coming to Copperopolis, CA, this October 9-11. Hosted by Calaveras Tactical, presented by Modern Combat Sports, and sponsored by many of the top names in MagFed paintball, OEW6 is this year's premier MagFed game. Now, get ready to rally around your celebrity generals: David 'Reaper' Justin and Ian 'Ironman' Tennant!

Are you ready to enlist in Operation: End War 6? Because we're ready for you right here: http://www.rap4usa.com/p/014469/oew6-registration

Players from around the SoCal MagFed community know and respect Reaper, who has proven himself as a top MagFed player in MFOG games, scenario games, and some of the toughest tactical events around the region. An established figure on the tactical gaming circuit, whose leadership has been established under fire, Reaper is poised to serve as a general commanding troops in OEW6.

Ironman comes to us from Valken�s, where he is fully immersed in the tactical gaming community and develops both products and training solutions that involve magazine fed reproductions of real battle rifles and pistols. A fixture of the airsoft community, he believes the leadership, tactics, and intensity translate to success with MagFed paint-firing gear. Will you help him dominate the battlefield?

Regardless of your team assignment, you�ll be thrust into the heart of action that is truly as real as it gets. That�s because Operation: End War 6 is a MagFed Only game, where all players use magazine-fed, incredibly realistic markers as they deploy into scenarios that are developed by combat veterans to reflect the missions and challenges that real operators face in real combat. The realistic gear and real-world scenarios combine on a challenging course spread across urban facilities, desert facilities, and some pretty tough natural terrain that strongly evokes the theatres of operation encountered by armed professionals overseas right now. There is no better setting for OEW6, and no better way to challenge your skills as an operator, than through the MagFed format.

To make the weekend even better, we�ve coordinated with Calaveras Tactical to create a formal combat training course on Friday, October 9th. This course presents actual combat tactics, as taught to real operators, by certified trainers, so that you can train like the professionals fight: with room clearing, non-verbal communication, use of cover, proper cornering techniques, vehicular operations, and much, much more. This afternoon class is in addition to the two days of Operation: End War 6 that unfold over the rest of the weekend.

So sign up right here: http://www.rap4usa.com/p/014469/oew6-registration

�right now, and get ready for the best MagFed action of the year at Operation: End War 6!

Modern Combat Sports � As Real as it Gets!