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Oklahoma D-Day 2011

Oklahoma D-Day 2011

RAP4 is eager to get you ready for Oklahoma D-Day with special deals on hot gear...like free shipping directly to the event! Plan to fly into the game, and don't want to bring a marker on the plane with you? Coming cross-country, with space already tight in the van? Or is it time to start from scratch with a fully-modded T68, tactical vest, and loads of other gear you don't want to pay shipping on?

Order before May 27th, and specify "pick up at store at OK D-Day" in the comments box, and you're all set. When you get to OK D-Day, look for a metal building in the heart of the vendor's village that's draped with RAP4 banners - your gear will be waiting inside!

Are you going to rock some sniper paint? Need to carry mission-restricted paint in addition to regular event paint? Take a look at the award-winning T68 SplitFire, which features a true dual-feed mechanism that draws from either a hopper or a detachable magazine. Carry 200 rounds of regular paint to blast your way across the field, and once you're in position, rotate the feed collar to draw that restricted paint from your magazine and accomplish your mission! Don't mess with reloads, special pods, swapping paint out of your hopper...switch to the magazine and blaze away.

Need to carry a sidearm, water, and lots of extra paint all day under the blazing Oklahoma sun? Take a look at RAP4's complete line of tactical vests and MOLLE pouches, holsters, and accessories. Equip your ideal vest with the perfect mission-specific accessories, tell us to bring it to the field, and when you get to D-Day your vest will be waiting just for you.

Whatever you need, order it now, and we'll bring it with us...all you need is a state-issued photo ID to prove who you are, and you can pick up your gear onsite!

While there, pose for a picture with the T68 M1919 field machine gun. Marvel at the wall of T68s in configurations that represent the entire M4/M16 family, with custom configurations designed specifically for scenario play. Check out the complete Tacamo line, including the Tacamo AK47 Kits for Tippmann and other popular markers.

RAP4 is proud to bring you the finest in tactical paintball equipment - literally! We'll bring it right to the field for OK D-Day, so you can pick it up at the event! See you at Oklahoma D-Day, this June 6th-12th.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!