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Operation: End War At Battlefront Paintball in OHIO

Operation: End War At Battlefront Paintball in OHIO

Time is running out to hold your spot in this summer's hottest tactical game, "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour," held at Battlefront Paintball in Hubbard, Ohio, this July 27-28. RAP4 is proud to be the founding sponsor of this revolutionary scenario game, which pits players against each other using only magazine-fed markers in a true test of tactical skill.

"Operation: End War - The 11th Hour" will be produced by .68 Caliber Productions, who produce a host of wildly popular events throughout the summer. From World War I and II �themed games to this event's futuristic global conflagration, the staff at .68 Caliber Productions is experienced in putting together topnotch events that players love.

.68 Caliber Productions and RAP4 are working hard with Battlefront Paintball to bring this game to life on their extraordinary field...and to reward players with some extraordinary perks. The field is an old gunpowder manufacturing plant that suffered a catastrophic explosion decades ago and was abandoned, left to be reclaimed by nature. When the field opened, they cut back some of the foliage and carefully created a tactical paintball dream field where partially destroyed buildings, thick forests, log bunkers, watchtowers, and other terrain features combine to make a fantastic post-apocalyptic field that ideally fits the storyline.

We'll get the weekend kicked off on Friday, July 27th, with an amazing clinic put on by local SWAT team members. Check in, pitch your tent - you get free camping access all weekend long with your preregistration - then grab your gear for the "SWAT for Dummies" course.

Don't have a magazine-fed marker to bring to the game? No sweat - you can reserve a mag-fed marker package from RAP4 when you preregister...which is, incidentally, the only way to make sure the field will have a mag-fed marker package for you when you arrive. Your rental package will include an MKV mag-fed marker, three magazines, mag pouches, a tactical belt, and an HPA tank. Bring your own goggles or rent some at the field, and you'll be all set.

The "SWAT for Dummies" course will also include an overview on the proper use of your MKV marker, so that when it's time to run through their drills, you have the familiarity you need to get straight into the action.

Then on Saturday is the big event, pitting teams against each other on the amazing Battlefront Paintball field as you vie for global dominion. Have yourself a nice cookout that night, and stick around for Sunday, when players are invited to a day-long open play extravaganza - have a rematch with your opponents from the day before. Use the tips and tricks you learned on Saturday. Have another adventure...

...and once you fall in love with the MKV marker you carried through "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour," you don't have to leave it behind - you can purchase it after the game, and even put your rental package fee towards the purchase price as a nice discount!

But you have to preregister now to guarantee your space...so head on over to http://operationendwar.com/game-registration/

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