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Operation: End War - Enabling Your Mag-Fed Fantasies

Operation: End War - Enabling Your Mag-Fed Fantasies

This October 2nd and 3rd, you have a rare opportunity: to help establish the world's first all-magazine-fed-marker scenario game as a fixture on the milsim circuit. The storyline is pure military mayhem, pitting the US Marines against
the Russians and the European Alliance in a post-nuclear-attack global conflict over oil, security, and sovereignty. With Marines inserting fast from a low-orbit troop platform, the action will remain intense everywhere that the
belligerents try to establish control.

And just like a real military operation, the combatants will have magazine-fed arms with limited rounds...no spray-and-pray or paint-chucking like at big games and other events. When your M4 has only 18 shots per detachable magazine, you
need to make every ball count...and rely on teamwork and maneuvers, cunning and marksmanship more than a big paint budget. That's how guerrilla warfare is won on the ground in the Middle East right now, and how it needs to be fought in
the post-apocalyptic End War scenario.

You can bring your pistol, so long as it is magazine-fed...and you should probably carry it in a drop-leg holster the way many soldiers do in modern combat. Have a few spare mags handy, 'cause you'll need them if you tear through your
primary marker's paint. That's how it works in the real world, where the difference between success and grave failure is your ability to shoot, move, think, and keep the projectiles flying towards the bad guys.

Players who don't have a magazine-fed marker are in luck: the $100 pre-entry fee includes the slickest rental package you're going to find at any event: a T68 Gen6 semi-auto, magazine-fed marker, along with three magazines, a mag pouch
and belt, and a 3000psi tank that hides inside the collapsible stock - there is no hopper to limit your field of vision; no large, unseemly tank to distract you from the aesthetics of combat. All of this is included in the entry for the
two-day event, and you can camp right onsite.

Or if you want to practice with mag-fed gear to see just how this level of realism changes the game, your pre-registration qualifies you for a sweet deal: you can buy a brand new T68 Gen6, or XPower .43 caliber marker, along with three
magazines, the pouch, the tank, and the belt, for $350 or $400 respectively. Then you can practice all season long, and understand your marker inside and out by the time the game rolls around in October.

Either way, rent onsite or purchase in advance, Operation: End War is going to put you in control of the industry's best mag-fed markers...and challenge everything you've ever thought about winning a scenario game.

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