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Operational Detachment: Southern California (OD:SC)

Operational Detachment: Southern California (OD:SC)

 RAP4 is proud to announce the formation of Operational Detachment: Southern California (OD:SC), the first RAP4 organized, trained, and equipped, mag-fed paintball team in the world...and the first of many to come. This exciting development can change the way you play paintball, as the Operational Detachment teams will host (and compete in) the most intense, realistic, and challenging games possible. These games will initially be organized as monthly special events around Southern California by OD:SC, before expanding to create a nationwide network of the most professional and eager mag-fed teams in the country.

Operational Detachments will even deploy internationally when the time is right.

OD:SC is spearheaded by crucial members of Savoy 6 and representatives of RAP4, and deploys once a month to host mag-fed-only paintball games. When they arrive at the field, they have an arsenal of RAP4 mag-fed markers, hundreds of magazines, and plenty of support gear to make the games truly as real as it gets. They organize and run special mag-fed games which you can enter for no more than the normal field fee...and if you don't yet have a mag-fed paintball gun, they can issue you one for the day and teach you how to use it.

This is the crucial first step to creating a nationwide network of Operational Detachment teams who host special events, attend the sport's biggest games, and promote mag-fed paintball so you will have more teammates (and opponents) than ever. You're welcome to travel to Southern California, train with OD:SC, and learn their tactics, techniques, and protocol. You'll return a standout player with plenty to talk about back home.

This initiative is organized around the sound military principle of training specialists who then return to their native lands to organize and train their own forces. Those players who distinguish themselves tactically, logistically, and with their leadership, will be tapped to form RAP4-authorized Operational Detachments in their areas.

Want to get ready? Get your 468, mag-fed T68, mag-fed-converted Tippmann, or other magazine fed paintball gun, ready for the weekend...and bring a spare mag-fed gun for a friend to try. Show them what you love about the realism, the balance, the accuracy and reliability of mag-fed paintball...and teach them how to cover your arcs as you destroy the opposition.

Then next weekend, bring a second friend. Grow your force; hone your game. As we scout for Operational Detachment leaders, raise your hand proudly. There is no limit to where you can go in this sport, and no limit to where the Operational Detachment can take you.

Are you ready for the adventure?

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!