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OWE6: Drawing Players All Over The World - Don't Miss it

OWE6: Drawing Players All Over The World - Don't Miss it

Operation: End War 6 is fast approaching and our partners at Calaveras Tactical are helping us at Modern Combat Sports to make it awesome. This year's event, the latest in the premier OEW series, will once again be hosted at the top secret location near Copperopolis, California, that routinely hosts combat operators for their pre-deployment training. We want to give you the most realistic experience possible, at the most authentic facility, with true industry leaders in tactical training'

'so that your Operation: End War experience is as real as it gets.

The weekend kicks off on October 9th with a CQB clinic put on by Calaveras Tactical's combat operations instructors. Wildly successful at previous OEW events, players lucky enough to purchase one of the limited spaces in this clinic will receive real world combat training in close quarters battle, room clearing, small unit maneuvers, mounted (vehicular) operations, and more. The best of the best turn out for these clinics, to learn from seasoned professionals as they develop the skills needed to dominate their missions during Operation: End War.

Date: 10-11 October 2015
Location: Copperopolis, CA, USA
Cost: $100
Preregister: http://www.rap4usa.com/p/014469/oew6-registration

Players roll out to OEW6 the next morning, where they'll take to one of the most authentic desert combat simulation facilities available. The missions flow into each other so that every objective you capture, every success and setback, is relevant to the evolving game play. This keeps the operation true to life, and means that every player has a role important to their side�s overall victory.

Operation: End War 6 draws upon the tactics used in modern combat theatres, because it requires the use of magfed paintball guns�and only magfed paintball guns are allowed on the field. Any brand will do, so long as it�s magfed, realistic, and safe, and shoots event paint (either .68 caliber spherical paint, or First Strike rounds).

Don�t have magfed gear yet? We�ve got you covered with a free rental package that includes MKP, 468, spare mags, and even a mag carrying pouch. Bring your goggles and other tactical gear, and we�ll hook you up with the specific magfed gear you need. After the event, we�ll even make you a sweet deal on taking home that gear, so you can bring magfed paintball to your home field.

Then next year, you can come back with even more teammates.

You�ll be joining players from around the world this October, as we have already received significant interest from players as far away as Brazil and Norway. That makes you comparatively local, so�pack the car. Clean your gear.

And bring your war face to Operation: End War 6. We�ll see you there.