Paintball Gun Builder 2.0: Build your own

Paintball Gun Builder 2.0: Build your own

RAP4 makes it easy for you to get exactly the magfed marker that you want, customized right here at our armory, and delivered to you as a one of a kind masterpiece…right out of the box. That’s a big claim, but we can make it because we put you in charge of designing your own brand new marker. This is possible with our exclusive new Custom Marker Configurator program, the latest evolution in our digital marker design technology.

Each build starts with the 468 receiver, which is engineered to accept our DMAGS for the most authentic, mechanically reliable operation available. The receiver is externally designed to replicate the lower receiver of an M4-pattern battle rifle, and internally, to replicate much of the functional and modular design of that proven platform.

At the field, you can swap 468 upper receivers on and off of your 468 lower receiver in seconds, empowering you to switch between drastically different setups without the use of tools.

In the Custom Marker Configurator, you can do the same thing digitally, as you choose which style of upper receiver you want, then add to it barrels, optics, handguards, suppressors…essentially, our entire line of accessories that replicate military hardware. See what the configuration will look like. See how the parts fit together, choose your colors and other options, and search through hundreds of combinations until you find the perfect setup for your needs.

The Custom Marker Configurator even gives you options with stocks and grips, so you can specify the air source and stock options you need. Want a collapsible stock that conceals an onboard air source? Easy—choose between several options. Want a skeletonized CQB stock? A collapsible stock set up to run with your remote line? A fixed stock for maximum stability? Check out those options and many more, and see exactly what they’ll look like with your custom marker…then if you want to change something, just drag and drop a new component.

You can save your designs, send configurations to friends for their feedback or to design markers for your whole team, and you can even share your configuration on social media. Make something truly unique, truly spectacular, and post it!

With RAP4 and our new Custom Marker Configurator, you get exactly what you want…because you design it!