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Paintball Gun Series Optics: Scopes, Red Dot and Mounting Systems

Paintball Gun Series Optics: Scopes, Red Dot and Mounting Systems

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of our Paintball Gun Series Optics: scopes, red dot sights, and mounting systems. These scopes and mounting systems are designed to take your scenario paintball experience to the next level by allowing you to integrate professional-grade optics, night vision, and other accessories.

Scenario paintball achieves new levels of fun and excitement when you add this level of realism...and when our sights help you shoot more players! RAP4's scopes and optics are not just for looks - they have real function and are made with the same quality and to the same specifications as those for firearms. They work well on top of real firearms, but are built to handle the shocks and vibrations inherent in paintball marker cycling.

The RAP4 Gun Series Optics include two different types of sights: red dot scopes and telescopic sights.

The red dot sights are ideal for quick target acquisition in close quarter battle (CQB). With no magnification, you keep both eyes open and locked on your target as you raise your marker. Superimpose the dot, pull the trigger, and your target is neutralized.

Red dot sights are ideal for players who charge through doorways and must react to their target quickly. The biggest advantage of the red dot sights: they do not obscure your peripheral vision. You can still see around them without hindrance, so you may react to multiple targets and monitor your surroundings. Red dot sights help you gain a definite tactical advantage.

Scopes with different optical settings are ideal for snipers. They are also suited to spotting opponents from far away. Once you have sighted your opponent you can maneuver to engage; by knowing where your opponents are, taking them out is a lot easier. The scope system is designed to increase your level of enjoyment in the game while helping you make better shots.

The RAP4 scope system adapts to many configurations for different playing styles.

This scope system is extremely versatile, and attaches to paintball markers such as: Tippmann, Ariakon, T68, Spyder, Ion Smart Parts, and many others!