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RAP4 [468] Military Simulation Paintball Gun

RAP4 [468] Military Simulation Paintball Gun


RAP4 wants you to get the most out of paintball, so we designed the hottest new paintball gun on the market - the 468 - so that you can lead the way, all the way to victory. The 468 is now available as a standard production marker, with some of the hottest features already installed and ready to go. Right out of the box, you'll have the most reliable, accurate, and realistic mag-fed marker on the market.

The standard 468 is easily upgraded, and you can specify top upgrades right from the ordering page so that it arrives already outfitted to adapt to your mission and style of play...or you can rely on our standard configuration to provide the most reliable and authentic reproduction of the M4/M16 family of battle rifles available.

How authentic? So authentic that police and military agencies are clamoring for 468s to use in force-on-force training. So authentic that we have solid red and blue furniture available for them as optional equipment so that armed personnel can tell which is their 468...and which is their duty carbine.

We achieved that level of authentic looks, ergonomics, balance, and handling, by working with a military arms expert and several Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans. The result is amazing.

Our standard 468 comes equipped with a 14 inch Raptor Barrel with an M4 Muzzle Brake, M4 Handguard (with military-spec Delta Ring and helical springs around its barrel nut), and a Solid Remote Line Adapter and Multi-Position Collapsible Buttstock Kit that reproduces the function, look, and utility of a military stock...while affording you a discreet connection point for your remote line.

The standard 468 is available preconfigured to accept our standard T68 spring-powered magazines, or our new, in-demand DMags. If you already have a stash of magazines, choose the type of 468 for them...or you can add an additional mag well for either type of magazine so you can use both types. The adaptability is yours, which is the case from your choice of barrel and handguard to stocks, to mag wells, and even to the 468's overall configuration: with a two part receiver (upper and lower, just like an M4/M16), you can modify additional uppers (or lowers) to suit other mission requirements and swap them onto your 468 in seconds.

Just like operators do to mission-adapt their M4s in the field.

That's truly as real as it gets - that's RAP4's industry-leading new 468!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!