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RAP4 At Maritime Cyprus 2009 Conference Counter-Piracy Training And Defensive

RAP4 At Maritime Cyprus 2009 Conference Counter-Piracy Training And Defensive

High seas piracy is a mounting concern for shipping companies and their crews. RAP4 is proud to participate in effective counter-piracy training and defensive armament for personnel affected by this global threat.

Every two years the Greek Ministry of Communications and Works and its Department of Merchant Shipping, in cooperation with the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, organize the Maritime Cyprus Conference to address pressing maritime shipping concerns. This summit is among the industry's most significant conferences, and attracts owners, managers, and personnel from maritime businesses around the world.

The eleventh annual Maritime Cyprus Conference dealt this year with modern piracy and its threat to global shipping. The growing number of ships captured and crews held for ransom, of goods stolen and lives threatened, is cause for considerable alarm�and great precaution.

At this year's conference, RAP4 partnered with NGK Shipping Ltd of Limassol to unveil RAP4's latest products in the struggle against piracy. Attendees were impressed with RAP4's latest development, the T68 SplitFire Less Lethal Launcher. An anti-personnel device safe for use amid all manner of cargo, the SplitFire propels special ammunition at 350 feet per second for use in self-defense. The compressed air powered launcher features a dual-source ammunition feeding system, capable of selecting between two different types of ammunition at the turn of a dial.

Projectiles include rubber balls that provide a strong kinetic deterrent to attack, marking balls for tactical training, and non-marking balls for training where no mess can be left behind. Specialized Less Lethal Capsaicin Projectiles unleash a cloud of capsaicin powder on impact that seriously irritates the suspect's eyes, nose and throat. This product won the attention of the Law Enforcement Innovation Award this year.

The T68 SplitFire Less Lethal Launcher offers ship operators a new tool against pirate attack�with none of the issues surrounding firearms. RAP4, in partnership with NGK Shipping Ltd, provided conference participants with an open sea pirate attack simulation off the coast of Limassol. Participants learned pirate tactics and effective countermeasures, using T68 SplitFire Less Lethal Launchers.

The ex Special Forces personnel on staff with NGK Shipping Ltd offered the participants a first hand experience with hostile situations...and getting out of them safely.

The NGK Shipping Ltd staff is equipped with T68 Splitfire Less Lethal Launchers, and they offer a full line of security services at ports and borders. They also provide onboard security services to ship operators.

RAP4 is proud to be part of the solution for promoting maritime safety in pirated water.