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RAP4 At Oklahoma D-Day 2011

RAP4 At Oklahoma D-Day 2011

RAP4 is proud to bring the hottest gear to a cool building at the "World's Largest Paintball Game" - Oklahoma D-Day this June 6th-11th! Visit our indoor showroom at RAP4 Field Headquarters in the vendor's village, where you can handle cutting-edge paintball gear like the T68 M249SAW, the T68 Frostbite Sniper, the T68 M60 Field Machinegun...and even the new T68 Gen7!

Our real building offers walls laden with factory-custom paintball markers ready to join you in the action. Take one down, gas it up, and tune it at the chrono as heads turn and jaws drop! The award-winning T68, utilizing our most versatile mechanical receiver, can be built up from a super-lightweight room entry marker into a full-size tactical marker...or even a 1:1 replica of a field machine gun! We'll have plenty of custom options for you to check out, and more accessories than you'll know what to do with, when you visit our headquarters.

The hottest new marker you'll find at Oklahoma D-Day is the T68 Gen7, with its velocity-honing starboard airflow adjustment, its Interal Flexi-Air System, quick-disassembling collapsible stock, and flared port in the magazine well that enables it to accept First Strike rounds! See what all of the industry buzz is about at RAP4 Field Headquarters, and let our techs show you why the new T68 Gen7 provides the best woodsball marker receiver ever...then build one up into your own super-custom tactical marker, and go rule the field!

Be sure to bring your camera to the RAP4 Field Headquarters, so you can pose with the awesome equipment on display. Even if you don't take home a new T68 M60 Field Machinegun, you can works its controls, stare down its sights, and dream the dream of paintball as real as it gets. See you at Oklahoma D-Day, all week long!