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RAP4 Best Paintball Gun Photo Contest

RAP4 Best Paintball Gun Photo Contest

RAP4 is proud to announce a great new giveaway that provides you a sweet chance to show off your gear-the RAP4 "Best Paintball Gun Photo Contest!" Think your paintball gun is the coolest thing at the field? Do opponents tremble when you remove the barrel blocker from the most awe-inspiring paintball gun they've ever seen? Have you accessorized your primary paintball gun to the max?

Well let's see what you've got.

Log in to Facebook, and head on over to our contest page right here to participate. Take a look at what you're up against, and get some ideas for how you'd like to set up your picture...then snap the pic and upload it! The rules are simple, and posted right there under the "rules" link-we want to see your paintball gun, not your girlfriend, boyfriend, or dog, so take a pic of just the paintball gun. Opportunity only knocks once, so you can only upload one pic-make it count. It has to be your pic...and your gear! This is a celebration of great gear in all kinds of configurations, built on all kinds of base models...and adapted to all kinds of play. So show off a little!

Then cruise through the other photos and vote for the slickest gear you see. Other users will look at your paintball gun, and if they like, they'll give it a few stars...and we'll calculate everyone's score so you know where you stand.

The final decision comes just after the contest closes at 11:59pm PST on March 15th-that's a Thursday. May the coolest gear win!

And what will you win? Other than fame and bragging rights when we announce your victory on the RAP4 Facebook page, you'll also get a pretty sweet prize: a set of 2012 Anniversary Special Edition Hawkeye Goggles! These clear paintball goggles are not available for sale...only by winning one of the exciting RAP4 contests this year. When you strap them on, you'll know you've earned them by having the best pic of the coolest gear...and with these distinctive goggles, everyone will know that you're the real deal.

Recognizing our dedicated players, and hooking you up with cool gear when you distinguish yourself...it's part of how we say thanks for supporting RAP4, the leading innovator of mil-sim paintball gear.

So show us what you've got, and how you've made it better. We're waiting right here.

RAP4-As Real as it Gets!