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RAP4 Camo Tape release LE-Mil

RAP4 Camo Tape release LE-Mil

RAP4 is proud to introduce a revolution in stealth: RAP4 Camouflage Tape. This high-performance tape is made from camo-print cotton cloth in twenty one patterns, and is backed with adhesive designed to stick to cloth...and remove cleanly
from metal and plastic. This enables RAP4 Camouflage Tape to conceal your rifle, spotting scope, or other equipment, quickly adapting your duty gear to your operating environment...and it will remove at the end of the day without
permanent alteration or laving any mess behind.

RAP4 Camouflage Tape is an ideal solution for concealing large gear...even ATVs and other motorized equipment. Subdue shiny surfaces, conceal bright colors, cover reflectors and other surfaces that draw undue attention, and go about your
business with a new level of discretion. When the seasons or your theater of operations change, remove the tape and switch to another pattern of RAP4 Camouflage Tape. It's that easy.

Every square inch - and you get 324 square inches per roll - is made of adhesive-backed cotton, meaning that RAP4 Camouflage Tape has some substance to it. Wrap your magazines in the tape to keep them from clanking and banging into each
other in your vest. Use it to silence other noisy gear, like keys, or wrap it around control surfaces so the cotton affords a non-slip grip.

RAP4 Camouflage Tape is ideal to wrap around knife handles, the handles on battering rams, and other contact surfaces where sweaty hands need a positive grip. Even when wet from rain or other fluids, the tape will provide your hand with
a solid connection to your tools.

To perfectly match your environment, RAP4 Camouflage Tape is available in twenty one patterns and colors, including digital ACU camo, traditional woodland and desert patterns, olive drab and desert beige...even German Flecktarn. There is
a pattern to match just about every tactical environment, and help you blend into any seasonal condition. This flexibility puts you in control!

With RAP4 Camouflage Tape in your gear bag, you'll be ready to disappear...quiet your gear...repair your camouflage coverings...and take control of your mission!

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