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RAP4 Field Paint: As Green as it Gets!

RAP4 Field Paint: As Green as it Gets!

RAP4 is proud to make a difference in the mess you leave behind, and the public image of our sport, by introducing a completely biodegradable soybean-based paintball! The all-new RAP4 Field Paint replaces the harsher chemicals in paintballs with benign soybean oil, maintaining proper uniformity, marking characteristics, and ballistics...while making the paint far more eco-friendly.

As scientists and business leaders discusses ways to "go green," companies in every industry are fine-tuning their products in an effort to reduce their impact on our planet. This international concern is affecting all industries, and RAP4 is taking the lead with going green in paintball.

There has been much talk of making paintballs that are easy on the environment, safe to use around wildlife and water sources, which also respect the exact ballistic needs of millions of players. It's a paradigm shift in looking at the impact our sport has on our environment, and RAP4 is proud to lead the "Green Paint Revolution" with the soy-based RAP4 Field Paint!

Fittingly, the balls are available with a green fill inside of a green shell, and are also available in bright white shell and fill. The soy oil used throughout their manufacture helps them withstand humidity changes, and RAP4's engineers have developed a formula that keeps the balls strong in your chamber and brittle on your opponents' backsides!

Shoot RAP4 Field Paint with the confidence of having high quality paint that flies true and breaks on target...and that absorbs into the field's ecosystem without harming the plants, grass and trees we play around. RAP4 Field Paint is as green as it gets!