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RAP4 Hawkeye Video Recorder Sunglasses

RAP4 Hawkeye Video Recorder Sunglasses

RAP4 is proud to announce a revolutionary way to capture ever moment of your action sports lifestyle: the RAP4 Hawkeye Video Recorder Sunglasses! Show your friends what it feels like to shred down a mountain of fresh powder. Capture a first-person perspective as you ride the pipes and fly through the air on the snowboard course or at the skate park�then download that high-resolution digital video and post it to the internet.

The RAP4 Hawkeye Video Recorder Sunglasses combine what you need with what you want for hands-free recording you don't even have to think about�while you focus on living the action. We've built a 3mega pixel camera into the frame of sleek black sunglasses, built the battery into the other side for balance, and made video capture a cinch with one-button-recording. Charge them up with the included charger, and then you're ready to wear them like any other sunglasses.

The video records at 30 frames per second for smooth display, or you can scroll the video frame by frame to capture the exact moment you leave the ground, or your buddy wipes out, or�. The sound is incredible, considering the microphone, camera, and battery are all right there in a hands-free, wearable unit. To save weight and space, the RAP4 Hawkeye Video Recorder Sunglasses record to interchangeable Micro-SD cards. RAP4 includes a 4gb Micro-SD card with every pair of RAP4 Hawkeye Video Recorder Sunglasses, so right out of the box you're ready for stardom.

The RAP4 Hawkeye Video Recorder Sunglasses keep you safe from the sun, with 100% UV-Blocking lenses that cut glare on the snow or half-pipes, around the paintball field or out on the water. They pack every benefit of sunglasses - UV protection, wind protection, glare protection, style - and that high-quality recorder is right there when you need to capture the funny, daring, and amazing moments in your action sports lifestyle.

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