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RAP4 Post Oklahoma D-Day 2011 Tour

RAP4 Post Oklahoma D-Day 2011 Tour

RAP4 is proud of our customers at Oklahoma D-Day this year! Some of the world's top players and teams charged into the World's Biggest Paintball Game with the exciting new Tacamo Mag-Fed Bodies, gassed up their brand new RAP4 T68 Gen7 markers, and wreaked havoc with hundreds of genuine RAP4 accessories. From the mini-scenarios all week, to the epic night game, and the one-of-a-kind 600+ acre game on Saturday, RAP4 players stood out for valor, creativity...and dedication!

Headquartered in the heart of the Vendor's Village, situated in our own air-conditioned bunker, RAP4 was proud to welcome new friends and old to our dramatic showroom. With more scenario gear on the walls than you could use in a week, and game-changing technology out on the floor, it looked like a high-tech armory...where everything on display could be yours!

Every few hours a tracked vehicle clanked by the shop, and our camera crew buzzed the field in that helicopter you saw circling the park. We rode in Das Buzzard (did you see our RAP4 banner?) and scoured the field for our next design ideas - what did the players need to overcome the sheer number of opponents? Which accessories gave a true tactical advantage...and how can we adapt them to bring real military tools safely to bear in our games? We'll spend months pouring over the photos and our staff reports to bring you the cutting edge designs you need to win when the action is as real as it gets!

Until then, enjoy the video we shot of the event, and be sure to tell all your friends about the fun you had at Oklahoma D-Day. We want to see you again next year! Bring your whole team, and be sure they gear-up at Oklahoma D-Day's premier tactical innovator - RAP4!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!