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RAP4 Products in Action in Medic Training at Fort Bragg NC

RAP4 Products in Action in Medic Training at Fort Bragg NC

RAP4 is proud to support the vital training of US Army Combat Lifesavers - the medics who provide first response treatment to soldiers and civilians wounded during combat. As tough as it is to train for actual combat, it's even harder to train in the heroic art of providing medical attention in the middle of a firefight. RAP4's industry-leading equipment, in wide use by military and police forces, makes that training come to life.

Many combat units receive pre-deployment training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. With a special partnership to provide equipment and familiarization, RAP4 is able to work with many of these units in tactical simulations. Their sprawling campus features variable terrain, temporary and permanent obstacles, and plenty of room for tactical maneuvers. When they take to the field, instead of carrying duty arms with blanks, they carry the less expensive and far more interactive training tools in the T68 family of paintball markers.

The T68 family of .68 caliber paintball markers are designed to replicate the size, ergonomics, aesthetics, and many user controls of the M16 family of combat rifles. CQB models faithfully replicate the handling of M4 carbines, the wealth of mil-spec rails accept standard-issue accessories, and the markers handle and point exactly like the duty gear they'll carry into action. Whereas this hyper-realism is cool for scenario games, it becomes truly important for military units that train as they will have to fight.

In recent field exercises at Fort Bragg, members of the Medical Brigade carried T68 markers through ambush scenarios and other tactical training maneuvers. The interactivity of shooting actual projectiles brought their training up to a new standard. Now personnel can respond appropriately to hits on various parts of the body, rather than drilling in general procedure and theory. They experience the reality of being shot at, more than merely hearing blanks discharged. They pay the penalty for sloppy tactics in actually getting hit with something, and can use real (but safe) suppressive fire to evacuate "wounded" personnel from the front lines of an engagement.

Personnel marveled at the effects of training with the paintball marking gear, commenting on how it exceeds previous training systems and makes their exercises truly replicate action. Combat veterans involved in the maneuvers embraced the technology, citing the benefit of conditioning troop responses to realistic scenarios�and being able to account for hits, misses, successes and failures with the visual aid of paint splats during after action reviews. You don't get that with blanks, or lasers, or long classes on the theory of combat medicine...

But you do get that with RAP4 markers and training tools.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!