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T68 Covenant Magazine Fed Paintball Marker

T68 Covenant Magazine Fed Paintball Marker

RAP4 is proud to bring you the Covenant, a hard-charging tactical marker with a secret - four of them, in fact. Concealed within the stock is the onboard air source, and within the Matador Handguard that completely surrounds and protects the barrel are three extra lengths of RIS rail. Each rail is ready to accept the tactical accessories that your mission demands. The side and underside RIS rails are covered when not in use, which makes a comfortable place for your support hand to grab your marker and keeps it from snagging on underbrush and terrain.

But that's just where the Covenant starts to get clever, cool...and tactical.

The RAP4 Covenant is a mag-fed marker, meaning that it liberates you from the tyranny of the hopper, opening up your field of vision, lightening your marker, and giving you the reliability of spring-powered magazines that ensure the paint gets into your chamber safely and stays there until you pull the trigger. We build these mag-fed markers on our award-winning T68 platform, which gives you pure mechanical operation that works well even under the most adverse conditions.

Then to create a Covenant, we add a multi-position collapsible stock that conceals a hidden onboard air source. The default air option is a 12g disposable cartridge system concealed inside the M4-pattern collapsible stock; you can change that arrangement to any option from a vast array of concealed onboard air options that will customize your Covenant right from the factory!

To get your paint on accurately downrange, each Covenant comes with an 10" Recon Rifled Barrel crowned with a BC Muzzle Break and a metallic front sight and post. You can change these options around, too, when you order if you want to fit your Covenant to a specific playing style or role - that freedom is yours!

Our detachable carry handle comes ready to mount to your receiver-length RIS rail, so that you can use the integral metallic sights to get on target fast; remove the carry handle without tools, and you'll be ready to affix the optic of your choice!

With the new RAP4 Covenant, you get a mil-sim marker that replicates the hottest M4-pattern rifles in use today, but built from the receiver-up specifically for paintball.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!