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T68 Gen7 Military Training System

T68 Gen7 Military Training System

RAP4 is proud to announce that the state-of-the-art in force-on-force training just got better. With the release of our new T68 Gen7, you can conduct true force-on-force training with equipment that perfectly resembles your duty gear in look, feel, and operation...now with even more user-friendly features.

Marine Corps infantry units, Army Medical Corps units, and many more military units have discovered the amazing training options available with RAP4's T68 family of compressed-air powered simulation arms. Also used by civilians for paintball games, the T68 family of markers is trusted by the military as a one-to-one reproduction of the M4 carbine and M16 family of battle rifles. With the exact look, feel, and ergonomics of the battle rifles, military personnel not only train for familiarity with a common set of controls and point of aim...they also train knowing what it's like to take actual incoming fire.

The new T68 Gen7 puts the latest T68 technology in your hands, for a fraction of the cost of a field-issue M4. Shooting marking and non-marking paintballs via a compressed air tank hidden in the stock, the T68 costs less per shot as well. With the balls fed under spring pressure from an interchangeable magazine, and the air source hidden in the stock, there is almost nothing to give away the T68 as a training arm...and magazine changing is required in its operation, just like your rifle.

New on the T68 Gen7 is a handy velocity adjuster on the starboard side. Military models of the T68 Gen7 ship with a velocity range of 300-350 feet per second, considerably higher than civilian models. To tweak this speed up or down to account for weather, paint quality, and rate of fire, the starboard velocity adjuster lets you fine-tune the airflow with a simple hex key. Gross adjustments are easily accomplished with the standard velocity adjuster on the rear of the receiver.

For snipers and designated marksmen who require extraordinary accuracy even in training, the T68 Gen7 has a flared port within the magazine well for accepting First Strike rounds. These "rifled" rounds with a flared base and extraordinary range and accuracy are fed into the T68 Gen7 via a First Strike �compliant magazine, also new for the T68 Gen7.

The rear sight integrated into the detachable carry handle available for the T68 Gen7 is adjustable for windage and elevation...and the standard M1913 tactical rails on the T68 Gen7 allow you to attach any tactical accessory you already use - your M4's carry handle, lights, lasers, infrared illuminators, scopes...anything that mounts with M1913 attachment.

When you need force-on-force training to get your troops ready for deployment, you need the realism, reliability, and ease-of-use of the T68 Gen7 - your best choice for tactical training!

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