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T68 M60 Heavy Armament

T68 M60 Heavy Armament

RAP4 is proud to introduce some truly heavy paintball firepower for mechanized armor, entrenched defense...and players who just don't know how to back down. The T68 M60 is the very likeness of the 7.62x51mm M60 general
purpose machinegun currently mounted to tanks, HMMWV vehicles, helicopters, and the railing on aircraft carriers and destroyers. When you absolutely need to throw a hailstorm of paint downrange in a hurry, your best choice is the
select-fire T68 M60 - our paintball equivalent of the general purpose machine the US military has relied on extensively for more than forty years.

Paintball tanks play special roles in the game as heavily armed mobile bunkers, command posts on wheels, troop transports, and hard-to-stop offensive weapons. Like the real thing, they're hard to take out of action...and like the real
thing, they require advanced armament for self-defense and to maximize their utility in the action. That's why even the biggest tanks have more than just their main cannon - they also have a machinegun to take out anti-tank squads,
neutralize targets of opportunity, and destroy positions that are too close for the main cannon.

Troop transport helicopters like Blackhawks and Hueys use M60 variants mounted in their doors to cover personnel as they fast-rope into the action or drop off supplies. Even the Navy and Coast Guard get in on the action, using M60
machineguns mounted to deck railing to repel pirates and small attack craft, shoot down threatening aircraft, and secure their ships in port.

For all this and more, the military relies on the high-cyclic rate, belt-fed M60. And now, so can you.

RAP4's engineers adapted the schematics of the real M60 machinegun to paintball by engineering an exact likeness of the legendary arm that uses the proven T68 internals for its paintball-only powerhouse. Coupled with a
magazine well that accepts the detachable RAP4 Box Magazine, the all-new RAP4 T68 M60 not only looks the part...but acts the part, too, with its 400 round per minute cyclic rate and 250 paintballs ready at the pull of the trigger.

With each of those shots fed under constant pressure from an internal force feed device, you're not going to chop paint...or have a misfire. Mount the T68 M60 to your paintball tank, and roll into action with more paint onboard than a
hopper-fed marker, and the confidence that no matter how bouncy the ride, there will be a ball securely in your shooter's chamber every time they need to pull the trigger.

When your scenario calls for defending a downed helicopter, there is no better marker than the T68 M60 that replicates the door gun you would really find in such a situation...and for the brave souls who make amphibious paintball landing
craft, you need to complete the look - and function - with the general purpose machinegun that would be there in real life.

That's when you need RAP4's T68 M60. Take your game to the next level of realism, and defend your tank, helicopter, boat, or base, just like they do in combat.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!