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Tactical Slings For Law Enforcement

Tactical Slings For Law Enforcement

RAP4 is proud to offer law enforcement and security professionals a true innovation in tactical gear: the RAP4 Tactical Sling. Representing the latest in 3-point sling design, this lightweight sling secures your carbine or rifle to your body, leaving your hands free...yet keeps your rifle perfectly positioned so you simply raise the carbine to bear in one intuitive motion.

From studying tactical training and after action reports, RAP4 knows that most of the time your carbine is out of your cruiser, you're simply holding it while maneuvering, manipulating equipment, or awaiting backup. This is all time that your hands need to be otherwise occupied, with medic bags and barricade clearing, with public address equipment or floodlights.

Since so little time with your carbine is spent pointing it downrange, ready to fire, and yet you must keep it at the ready should a scenario devolve in a heartbeat, you need a tactical solution that secures the carbine in a hands-free low-ready position.

That dynamic piece of equipment is the lightweight, user-friendly RAP4 Tactical Sling.

The first of the sling's three points of contact is near the muzzle, where it easily attaches to the sling mount. The second point is at the sling mount integrated into your stock. The third point of contact is the loop that goes around your body, which is designed to spread the weight of the carbine across your shoulders and back to prevent fatigue and maintain your full range of motion.

The genius of this design is in the rear attachment point, which secures forwards of the buttplate. As the carbine dangles muzzle-down from your strong-side shoulder, the space between your shoulder pocket and the attachment point is exactly as long as that part of your stock - meaning that you don't have to consciously mount the stock when you raise your carbine. Just grab the grip and raise the muzzle, and the stock perfectly finds your shoulder pocket, bringing the sights in line with your eyes in one fluid motion. No buckles, no snaps, no swinging your carbine around to the front...just drop your pen and notepad, raise your carbine and respond to the threat.

The RAP4 Tactical Sling easily attaches to the M4 rifle family, and comes with two universal adapters that interface with every single duty rifle, carbine, and shotgun in common use. Free your hands, save your strength, and focus on your mission, when you deploy the RAP4 Tactical Sling with your duty carbine.

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