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Tactical Slings For Military

Tactical Slings For Military

RAP4 is proud to offer military personnel a dramatic solution to keeping your rifle ready...while keeping your hands free to haul gear, clear obstacles, and mount vehicles. The RAP4 Tactical Sling keeps your rifle handy while your hands remain free for other work.

By now 3-point slings are highly sought after in-theater, where most of your time on patrol and guard duty consists of holding your rifle for hours on end. That fatigues your arms, hurts your back, and occupies your hands when you need to manipulate other equipment or interact with your environment. When you set your rifle aside, you're that much farther out of the firefight that could flare up at any second. How do you stay prepared for hours on end without wearing yourself out or setting down your rifle?

With the RAP4 Tactical Sling. The RAP4 Tactical Sling is a 3-point sling designed to spread the weight of your battle rifle across your shoulders and upper back, making the weight virtually disappear while keeping it ready at a moment's notice. The RAP4 Tactical Sling empowers you to carry your rifle, carbine, shotgun, or other long arm in a multitude of ready positions.

The genius in the design of RAP4's Tactical Sling lies in the way it attaches to your body, keeping your arms free for a full range of motion. The length of "drop" to the rear attachment point is the same as your stock's length behind that point, so you can simply swing the muzzle up on target and the stock automatically comes right into your shoulder pocket. Then the sights come right up to your eyes and in a heartbeat you've gone from stringing wire to putting that first accurate shot downrange on an advancing threat.

No other sling gets you on target as fast as the 3-point RAP4 Tactical Sling. No other sling spreads the weight so evenly across your back, making it seem to disappear even after hours on patrol. No other sling design allows you this ever-ready freedom to work and move about with your carbine ready for immediate action.

When seconds count...your rifle is already there with the RAP4 Tactical Sling!

RAP4 � As Real as it Gets!