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Tactical Ten Paintball League

Tactical Ten Paintball League


Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the Tactical Ten Paintball League (TTPL), a tactical paintball competitive league. The TTPL competitions employ real-life tactics from SWAT and Special Forces teams, and many elite units around the world. This is tactical paintball at it best - as real as it gets!

The TTPL was formed by paintball team Undertakers, and RAP4. Hercules Papadogiannis, team captain of the Undertakers, is the main force behind the TTPL, and is the man who's responsible for bringing the league together.

The TTPL follows a 10 on 10 format, with each team allowed to roster as many or as few players as they choose. Teams may even choose to field three members to compete instead of ten, if that's their fancy! Since some teams works better in a small squads, the choice is left up to them!

Each game consists of two 45 minute halves. Each side takes turns attacking and defending, while accomplishing one major objective per team. A scoring system awards and subtracts points according to objectives completed or failed. Certain roles, such as a team commander, team medic, team sniper, and team demolition man, are in effect.

The TTPL is about taking scenario-style competition to the next level, and allowing each team to use their true tactical skills. This game is not about spraying and praying, because each player's hopper (or magazine) is limited to only 50 rounds. Additionally, each marker used in the competition must be semi automatic only.

The TTPL's first annual competition will be will at Pyro's Production on November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. For more information about the league, please visit http://tacten.com