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Tippmann X7 Phenom

Tippmann X7 Phenom

Build your Phenom into the ultimate heavy-hitting scenario marker with a Phantom Grenade Launcher, in long (for the most realistic M203-look) and short (for maximum effect with minimum weight and profile) lengths. Use RAP4's Thunder Grenades and you can shoot multiple "grenade/rocket" - color paintballs to simulate 40mm high explosive grenades�or a whole cloud of .43 caliber paintballs to eliminate a distant squad, tank, bunker, or other obstacle you need to "blow up." The Phantom Grenade Launcher mounts under your barrel, and does not interfere with your Phenom's normal operation.

To help get your first shot on target, check out the Samurai 30mm AP Red Dot Sight. Adjust the dot's intensity to match lighting conditions, so you can see that hovering dot even on the brightest days out in the open. Since it doesn't project the dot, there is no warning for the other guy that you're about to put one carefully placed ball right square on his chest. It sits high enough on the tactical rail atop your receiver that you can use it with one of RAP4's multiple-position collapsible M4-style Carbine Buttstocks.

When you need that first shot to be silent as well as on-target, check out RAP4's muzzle-threaded sniper barrels�and our line of GemTech Silencers. Not only does this barrel/silencer combination quiet your shot, but it's as real as it gets for a Special Forces M16 look!

Add a collapsible and retractable bipod, mount it to a pair of RIS Tactical Handguards, and you turn your Phenom into a sniper marker just as steady as she goes�and all you're missing is one of RAP4's red dot scopes, or armor-coated 3-9x40mm scopes.

These accessories and dozens more are available individually, so you can pick and choose the best upgrades to fit your style of play, your image, and your tactical needs�or pick them up in the "Frostbite Sniper Kit" or "Phantom Grenade Launcher Kit." These kits can even come with a brand new Tippmann Phenom if you want to get the marker and upgrades all together in one steeply discounted package.

When you're ready to improve accuracy and cycling speed with a simple drop-in part, check out the Venturi Star Aluminum Bolt for your Phenom and other Tippmann markers. The air passes through a star-shaped diffuser within the bolt that ensures even distribution of gas around your ball as it accelerates the paint down your barrel. The low-friction front o-ring keeps backpressure from escaping around the bolt. This affords one of the easiest, and most dramatic, improvements in accuracy.

RAP4's Cyclone Feed Piston Rod and Quick Exhaust Piston Housing combine to improve the speed at which your Cyclone Feed gets that paint in the chamber�so you can keep up with the fastest rates of fire without skipping a beat. The Cyclone Feed Soft Paddles help you maximize that increased rate of fire without breaking paint in the feed neck. These parts are available separately, or all together in RAP4's Cyclone Complete Upgrade Kit.

Whatever look you're after, whatever special equipment you need to improve accuracy or launch "grenade paint," and whatever parts you need to increase accuracy and rate of fire, RAP4 has the gear to make your Tippmann Phenom, truly phenomenal.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!