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US Military Gear Carbine Mag Pouch

US Military Gear Carbine Mag Pouch

RAP4 is proud to introduce you to the US Military Gear Carbine Mag Pouch, a secure, fast-access way of carrying your spare carbine magazines into the fray. These open-top pouches use a bungee to secure your magazines, while protecting more than two thirds of the mag body from the elements�

�while leaving enough exposed that you can easily grab the magazine for lightning-fast reloads under fire. No fumbling. No bumbling. No Velcro noise or flaps to worry about�just a lightning-fast presentation of your magazine when you need it most!

See our host Patrick, a combat veteran and tactical gear specialist, demonstrate the many virtues of the pouch in a video right here.

The USMG Carbine Mag Pouch easily adjusts to accept T68 mags and D-Mags, AK-pattern mags, and duty-issue rifle and carbine magazines. The adjustment is simple, the retention is reliable, and the pouch features a drain beneath each magazine so that sand, water, and anything else that gets down into the pouch, can dry right away and leave your magazine ready for action.

The USMG Carbine Mag Pouch occupies only four MOLLE loops laterally, and three rows vertically, and offers three rows of four-loop attachment on the front of the pouch�meaning that it occupies very little space on your vest or load bearing rig, and is ready to accept additional pouches affixed right to the USMG Carbine Mag Pouch. Double up, and you�ll be able to hold four magazines in one clump for easy access during the longest games.

The USMG Carbine Mag Pouch is available in the double pouch style as Patrick reviews in our video, and also as a single mag pouch. With its integral MOLLE system, both styles of USMG Carbine Mag Pouch are ready to attach to your load bearing rig, tactical vest, battle belt, rifle bag, backpack, or anything else with enough free MOLLE attachment points.

Built to last, these mag pouches will serve you through the toughest engagements and for years on end. When you�re serious about quality, style, and function, you need to get serious with USMG products from RAP4!