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World Cup Asia 2011 - Pick Up A RAP4 Tacamo Mag Kit And T68 On Location

World Cup Asia 2011 - Pick Up A RAP4 Tacamo Mag Kit And T68 On Location

RAP4 is proud to support World Cup Asia this November 10th-14th on Langkawi, Malaysia. Check out our industry leading gear at RAP4 Malaysia with Pro Paintball Booth in the vendor's village, and feel the realism of the T68 markers! Pro Paintball will even have the hot new Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits on hand for players who love their Tippmann, BT, and US Army markers...but want to see what all the excitement is about with the mag-fed phenomenon sweeping the fields!

World Cup Asia is the region's premier gathering of paintball players, paintball companies, and industry innovators. The event is building even now, with the arrival of crates of RAP4 and Tacamo gear, towards its official run this November 10th-14th. Several thousand players from around Asia and the world will descend on the fields and vendor's village, in pursuit of their opponents...and in pursuit of the hottest gear for 2012.

They won't get far once they see the Pro Paintball booth and wrap their hands around the AK47 Complete Kit - the most authentic AK47 experience available for your Tippmann marker, achieved through the use of custom aftermarket stocks, forearms, mags and magwells!

Players who want the M16 experience can choose between the Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits that upgrade Tippmann, BT, and US Army markers to a true tactical, mag-fed experience, and the amazing T68 markers that are engineered from the grip up to provide a 1:1 reproduction of M4 carbines in a wide variety of configurations. RAP4 is proud to offer tactical accessories that take these markers to the next level, like durable red dot sights, collapsing and folding stock kits, tactical forearms ready to accept lasers and lights, tactical forearms, magazine kits, and mag-fed adapters.

Whether you're looking for a whole new marker, or a way to completely reinvent the marker you already own, be sure to stop past the Pro Paintball booth at World Cup Asia and check out everything RAP4 and Tacamo have to offer!

Paintball World Cup Asia 2011: http://www.paintballworldcupasia.com
RAP4 Malaysia: http://www.rap4malaysia.com