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RealWorldGamer© Blog (Florida)

RealWorldGamer© Blog (Florida)

RealWorldGamer© Blog 

Josiah Parrish is the Editor In Chief of RWG. He has four freelance, partially contracted Contributing Editors underneath him. RWG is the leading blog site on the web and social media within the industry and market of tactical training and military simulation, concerning airsoft, magfed paintball, competition/tactical shooting, and PC/Console gaming. We are committed towards utilizing the tactics and techniques of the real world to improve our game and presenting those tactics, techniques, and technicals to others in the community to improve their game as well.

Who are you? Location?

RealWorldGamer© Blog is primarily headquartered in Central Florida yet we have

Editors in Colorado, and Order From Chaos ambassadors for us in Arizona while Team Six Paintball ambassadors for us in Brazil. The blog reaches over 2500 players and shooters in IG and 10000+ through our website and referral accounts.

Team Members?

Josiah: @deadshot_rwgblog

Adam: @callaignlemming

Dylan: @riot_rwgblog

Ryan: @acer_rwgblogger

Brad: @bradq48

OFC: @o.f.c._ (Blog Ambassadors)

T6P: @teamsixpaintball (Blog Ambassadors)

Where do you play? How often?

RealWorldGamer© Blog itself provides full coverage on magfed events and scenarios at various places around America and to include South America. The blog is primarily media representation on events, products, and fields.

Do you host games?

RealWorldGamer© does host or sponsor regular and integral PTS events, operations, and scenarios throughout the Florida region in airsoft and magfed paintball. Turn outs to such events is 100+, and we pride ourselves in realism and immersion.

What big MAGFED games do you/ team play on attending this year?

RealWorldGamer© Blog editorial staff and ambassador teams, which includes the EIC, plan on attending various events nationally band internationally, depending on schedule and financing. To be in the loop, follow us on IG.

Are you proficient in tech with any markers?

All of our blog ambassador teams, which includes the EIC, are proficient and knowledgeable in technical support and maintenance of major brand magfed markers.

What markers do you use? MCS or not

The blog ambassadors teams and EIC, use various makes and models of magfed markers, from First Strike to DYE to Tacamo.

Where can people find you?

Facebook: Facebook.com/realworldgamerblog

Instagram: @deadshot_rwgblog

Website: www.rwgofficialblog.wordpress.com