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We owe a debt of gratitude to paintball, for the projectiles we use (.68 caliber paintballs and shaped projectiles), for the fields where we hold maneuvers, the goggles we wear, and the design history of compressed air powered guns that launch the ammunition we use in combat gaming.

But there the similarity ends, and our passion comes into its own. You could call it the next step in the evolution of a thirty-something-year-old sport, or the greatest version of scenario paintball yet created, or more simply: paintball, perfected.

We prefer to call it by its proper name: Modern Combat Sports.

There is a big difference between MCS and paintball as you’ve known it before…and only the finest of lines between MCS games and actual military force-on-force training. We’re proud of that, because we offer something truly unique to players, and uniquely beneficial to the professionals who use MCS in their tactical training.

Modern Combat Sports is a format of tactical gaming which utilizes battlefield simulation devices, rugged fields, and most famously: magazine-fed, compressed air powered, guns that shoot common .68 caliber spherical ammunition—paintballs and identically-sized training rounds.

By designing magfed guns that completely eliminate hoppers accomplish several goals: to create the most realistic looking, balancing, and handling, combat gaming guns ever designed; to create realistic ammunition capacities that promote tactics, teamwork, communication, and strategy, over the unrealistic firepower of bulky hoppers; and to create guns whose controls are in the same place, and operate the same way, as those found on real world firearms.

The effects are outstanding, and the form of combat gaming offered by Modern Combat Sports follows the function of our equipment.

The interchangeable magazines are just as quickly reloaded as real firearm magazines, virtually identical in size and shape, and are inserted and removed just like firearm magazines. Practicing reloads, especially under fire and under duress in MCS maneuvers, reinforces skills that directly relate to reloading under fire in combat. This creates the most authentic conditions for players, and means that armed professionals—military and police personnel across the country and around the world—can train with MCS gear, at MCS facilities, to practice and perfect the gun handling skills they will need to stay alive in combat.

This is further reinforced by the authenticity in design, appearance, balance, and function, of the guns used in Modern Combat Sports. By training with these one-to-one reproductions of their combat gear, armed professionals gain meaningful familiarity and experience…under fire, while maneuvering against armed, determined opponents. This level of authenticity is currently driving the Modern Combat Sports revolution within the tactical training community, as units and agencies line up to purchase magfed guns and learn about creating force-on-force training for their personnel…

…training which is little different than the games put on for our players. The players even get access, through RAP4 and the Modern Combat Sports Ambassador Program, to the same gear used to train these professionals—that’s the gear used in games.

And there’s more than just the guns.

Battlefield simulation devices are also common at MCS events. These include simulated IEDs, mines, booby traps, mortars, rockets…even tanks and armored personnel carriers. All devices are inspected and approved by game officials for your safety…and then deployed, to create the most authentic challenges possible. This is highly useful for training professionals ahead of deployment, and for players, creates tactical games unlike any on offer before.

Modern Combat Sports encourages players to dress and equip themselves with authentic military gear, from uniforms to load bearing systems and even helmets. Professionals dress and load out just like they will on patrol, and players are encouraged to do the same. This level of authenticity is unparalleled, and helps players get into the right mindset to overcome the challenges, and opponents, thrown at them.

To do so, players will need to rely on actual shooting skills, on tactical maneuvers taken from the front lines of modern battlefields, and on their ability to communicate, coordinate, and outfox their opponents. This is more than a game of firepower; this is more than a game of speed; this is true-to-life combat gaming…

…that is truly as real as it gets!