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Hammerhead Scenario MoFo Carbon Fiber Barrel with Fin (10 Inches)

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SKU: HH-BRL-MFS-1-KIT-1-22176
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Scenario MoFo™ The Scenario MoFo is a lightweight (2.3oz) Rifled, Carbon-Fiber Composite, aircraft aluminum core barrel. NEW WITH THREADED TIP! Accepts our cool line of muzzles including the new ultra lightweight Magnesium MAG MUZZLE! The internal guts of the Scenario Mofo is made of gun-drilled, rifled, and anodized aircraft aluminum that is swab and scratch resistant. The composite design takes advantage of light weight high tensile strength carbon fiber combined with the compressive strength of T6061 hardened aircraft aluminum. The composite product produces a barrel of superior strength when compared to mono-carbon fiber barrels while providing the advantage of being light weight. The MoFo barrel is ported and counter-bored for stabilization of the pressure wave in front of the ball and control of air turbulence at the muzzle exit. MoFo comes in multi-colors including our new CAMO finish. Its compatible with the standard Hammerhead sizer system. The barrels are interchangeable with all other fins and ball sizers produced by Hammerhead.  Made in USA.


Kit comes with:
1 x MOFO Barrel (length is measured from end to end with  fin and muzzle attached)
1 x Muzzle Tip (option Bangstikxx - Battlestikxx - Snaggle Tooth)
1 x Fin (select compatible fin for your marker)


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